Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Growers Cup Coffee Pouch

It's not often I do product reviews on my blog as a) I'm no kit tart b) It can be a little subjective and c) There are those out there who may be able to review things more fully as they use stuff more than I will in any given time span

This is one of those exceptions as I present the  Growers Cup coffee pouch. I simply vacuum pack a handful of teabags and I'm good to go on that front, but I like my coffee to be good, and for me instant doesn't cut it (remember I mentioned subjectivness?) so this is as close as I can get to my Nespresso machine without having to bring extra kit along.

I used to be able to pick it up at Go Outdoors but sadly they stopped stocking it so online was the next option. Blacks was my other port of call but having emailed them they said  'We do not currently have the Growers Cup Coffee pouches in stock and cannot say when this will be back in'. If they have called time there are other online suppliers to turn to.

It's easy to use. There's a little black stopper that you need to remove on the side of the pouch in the first instance.

You then open the resealable top and carefully pour in recently boiled water in it.

The pouch has a base that opens out so it can stand freely (like a fresh soup pouch). once on the ground have a quick check on the water level in the see through part of the packet.

When you are happy that it's full enough insert the black stopper into what will be the pouring spout on the side.

Once it has stood for long enough remove the end off the stopper and pour the coffee out. The black stopper is a design upgrade on the previous spout which was a pull tab that made pouring a little hit and miss.

It suggests that the pouch makes two cups, indeed if you click the earlier image of the rear of the packet it shows two cups...China cups which everyone takes camping of course! Realistically it will fill one decent sized mug, or in this case the plastic cup that fits on an Osprey NATO water bottle.

Actually it can make more than one mug full. Reusing a pouch makes a  weaker second offering but spooning the contents from a couple of used pouches into a third one makes a decent brew.

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