Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Bespoke Folding Trivet

Despite the fact that I don't consider myself a kit tart I've had a folding trivet on a bucket list of kit for some time.

An internet search doesn't exactly bring a lot of UK returns up outside the bushie forums and a well known bushcrafter's site, the latter charging £55 which I felt was a bit much for the usage I'd give it.

Well a little while ago I got one, and from a source close to home as it goes, but more about that later...This is it with it's legs extended, sat on a cut log.

The general size is just about spot on between usability and stick-it-in-a-gap-in-your-packability. Dimension wise it's about 20cms in diameter, stands 14cms off the ground, and is about 2-3cms deep when folded. The single 3cm bit is at it's deepest point when folded, the bit where the third leg folds in which is pointing towards six o'clock in the above picture.

Pan or Crusader cup

As you can see it's perfect with a pan, or something smaller like a Crusader cup due to the fact that it has a cross bar fitted to accommodate a variety of vessels. On occasion, I've had a moderately filled 4 litre Dutch oven on it too.

I've made the trivet a very basic flapped leather bag (from my skinned three piece suite) which neatly doubles as a place mat for my lap for flopping a hot pan onto to eat from. I've not added a clasp to the flap so that it sits flat on my lap.

Now you may recognise Des (above) from the  catapult workshop he does at the Wilderness Gathering, and from the cover of the Autumn 2011 issue of the Bushcraft magazine. well it's his brother-in-law that made mine, and also made one for just about everyone of the Woodlife Trails family. All that searching and Des had the answer!

I asked Des if this was just a bit of a favour to him to make a the odd one or two, but they are available to order so I thought I'd use this blog to pass on the details to anyone who's interested. You can contact him via his email address rosieslead(at) (replacing the (at) with @) They cost £25* and postage is either 1st class (£3.30*) or 2nd Class (£2.80*) UK only. No connection, just a very happy pot stand user. 

*All prices quoted correct at the time of the blog page being published.