Saturday, 20 December 2014

Skinning a three piece...

A month or so ago my wife suggested that our leather three piece was past it's best and that we needed to look at getting replacements. Music to my ears, I'd had my eye on all that leather since we got them in the first place! The plan was to take apart the two single chairs before the delivery day, and then attack the sofa on the day and hope that the new stuff didn't arrive too soon.

It's hard to overcome the feeling that you are doing something wrong as you sink a blade into the leather, and what if the van breaks down and so on. Naturally I wanted to glean as much leather as possible but also had an eye on the time because I didn't want a half processed sofa around when the new stuff turns up. Initially I studiously picked out the staples but soon ditched this for the faster compromise of scoring carefully with a blade.

Now as I mentioned earlier it feels odd to be cutting into furniture, so to really mess with my mind, my wife suggested posing for the 'What the Hell are you doing?!' picture above. Oh my...

After a while it dawns on you what you have done, and indeed how far you have to go. At this stage you realise just how well this sort of furniture is made and how tough leather is, especially when it is folded around a corner. I also saved some of the non-leather pieces with the view to making a poshcrafting sit spot seat and rope maker amongst other things.

The pile of leather is given scale by the mobile phone at the top of the picture on the left hand side above. The hard work done and as much of the remains recycled as possible...Except for the bits I'll be using when time and space allows. As well as strops, possibles pouches and the like, I reckon I'll have another crack at these moccasins that I made  a while ago because whilst they are usable, it's the old chestnut of learning loads as you make them, giving you pointers that you could improve upon if doing them again. As I also saved some of the padding and insulation I might have a go at a version of a mukluk too because whilst the moccasins are comfortable and allow each footstep to be felt, they ain't warm underfoot on a chilly day.

I've got a trade with Ragsto for a Kelly kettle bag set up for the new year-watch this space...

Friday, 19 December 2014

Coltsfoot and chesty coughs

I've usually got a supply of elderberry syrup and dried coltsfoot leaf ready for if and when the winter sniffles come, I don't often get coughs and colds and naturally the year I don't bother I get a nasty cough on the chest.


I've got some Alxanders showing strong growth near me despite the season and a few hard frosts, so I wondered if the conditions might see me able to still pick up some coltsfoot leaves. Once looking I noticed further growth.


The first coltsfoot I chanced upon was, in general, a little season weary so I got what I could and pressed on to a more secluded and sheltered spot. I found a few leaves in generally better condition but all in all I only had a small amount. Still, not bad for late December.


Despite the fact that I had prepped coltsfoot in the past I'd never used it for a chesty cough (a use which it's Latin name alludes to), only as a roasted and crumbled condiment as suggested in a Ray Mears publication. With this as a usage I figured that I wouldn't be in too much danger re the amount of use but I did still check it out and used modestly. I mixed off the boil water with a slug of runny honey and then steeped the shredded leaves in it for a few minutes before straining. 


To get it in me I used fresh shredded leaves for the first one and despite having a dehydrator I opted to quickly dry the remaining leaves (in minutes) in the oven and then crumble them up with my youngest son shouting 'Oh hash'. Very funny.

I also tried this basic concoction with brandy and a bit of fresh ginger too, but felt the basic one was best. Now after starting this I felt like my throat felt better and my chest got less congested (initially I had a temperature and couldn't finish coughing as it hurt too much) so did it work? Maybe, was it a placebo effect that I willing it to work? Possibly. it's impossible to say if my chest would have been the same if I hadn't taken it, but it's worth knowing that as my coltsfoot ran out fairly quickly after taking it, the sore throat and chest tightness appears to have returned.  You can guess what my note to self is after the plant has finished flowering...

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bushcraft Magazine Article Reference

I'm quite late to  Bushcraft magazine and I started a subscription and sought out the available back issues knowing that there are a handful of hard to get issues, some of the earlier issues are rare to the point where one or two aren't even  in the magazine archive...Or so I thought.

After a rather damp squib thread on the BCUK forum to help get the full issues list together I decided to get as many back issues as I could and do all of them to leave just a few remaining. Thanks to two of the  magazine's guardians, Cathy and Steve, I am now able to present a full list of articles for reference and as a result have a full set of magazines 

Steve and Cathy, a genuine and sincere thank you for your help with this project.


Spring 2006

Meet Oetzi-Your guide
Pagan Spring Festivals
Star Lore-Moons Mean Month
Eat Your Greens (Nettles, Fat Hen, Sea Beet, Dandelion, Cuckoo Flower, Common Bistort and Garlic Mustard)
Weather Lore-The Helm wind
Gary Wale-Meet the Bannock-Fire bread!
Shrimping and Long Lining
Ian Trueman-Know Your Legals
Huw Woodman-Get Back at your Garden Snails-By Eating them!

Summer 2006

Gary Wale-Greenhorn Guide to Basic Kit pt I (clothing)
John Ruffhead-Think Like a Fish (Applying Bushcraft to Fishing)
Steve Kirk-King of Clouds (Cumulonimbus)
Do-It-Yourself-The Dingle (movable pot hanger)
Huw Woodman-Smoking is Good For You (Hot Smoking in a Dustbin)
The Mongolian Hotpot
Four Flavours of Summer (Meadowsweet, Water Mint, Elder and Rock Samphire)
Gary Wale-Your Goose is Cooked (Goose Prep)
The Wheel of the Year

Autumn 2006

Gary Wale-Greenhorn Guide to the Basic kit pt II
Star Lore-Bronze Age Sky Disc
John Ruffhead-How Does it Feel to be an Eel?
Steve Kirk-Fungi-Friend or Foe?
Vincent Gray-The Vildmark Experience (Bearclaw Swedish course review)
Four Fruits From the Hedgerow Harvest (Bullace/ Damson, Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Rowan)
Huw Woodman-Bowmaking pt I
Do-It-Yourself The Hobo Stove
Huw Woodman-The Green Man
Weather Lore-Air Streams and Our Islands
Kym Murden-Plants as Wound Healers (Yarrow and Plantain and Poultice and Compress Instructions)

Winter 2006/ 07

Weatherlore-Snow (In the Innuit Language)
Gary Wale-Greenhorn Guide to Basic Kit pt III (Backpacks and Contents)
Anne Riddell-"Let's...Talk Wolf"
Steve Kirk-Recognising Trees in Winter (Ash)
Neil Cowley-It's a Christmas Tree! (Spruce, Pine and Larch Features)
Lawrence Pilmer-Firewood and it's Ways (Burning Properties)
O, Mistletoe! Where do you Grow?
Steve Kirk-Stranded! (Beachcombing Article)
William Danes-Volkov-The Fascination of Flame
Gavin Stacey-Fire by Friction (Step-by-Step Guide)
Huw Woodman-Otzi Revealed
The Trangia Stove (Swedish Military Model)


Spring 2007

Fair Game-Lunch With Fergus Dreenan
Starlore-The Moon's Face and Phases
Jenny Oliver-Colours to Dye For
John Ruffhead-Hook, Line or Sinker?Fishing Basics)
Joe Burge-Finnish Snowshoe Adventure
What is an Atlatl?
Steve Kirk-Spring Shoots and Leaves (Hogweed, Ground Elder, Sea Kale and Hop)
Tojus Gaaren-At the Cutting Edge (Stone Age Axes)
Kym Murden-Herbs as Wound Remedies (Marigold and Comfrey)
Weatherlore-The Scientific Method
Huw Woodman-Bowmaking pt II
Mayday Celebrations Around the Country

Summer 2007

John Ruffhead-A Shore Thing Down by the Sea (Coastal Foraging)
Bernard Kear-How to Make a  Traditional Whistle (Sycamore Whistle)
Starlore-The Moon and Tides
Niall Masson-The Atlatl Experience (Making and Using)
Steve Kirk-A Whole New Bracket of Edible Fungi (Dryad's Saddle, Chicken-of-the-Woods and Beefsteak)
Colin Rose-The Last Yahi (Native American Article)
Kym Murden-Respect For the Elder (Uses, Ointment and Elderflower Fritters Recipe)
Weatherlore-'Hole-Punch' Clouds
Huw Woodman-So, Our Dough is Sourdough? (How to make a Sourdough Starter Culture)
Do-It-Yourself-Coke Can Cookers
John Ruffhead-Hunting the Hunter (Mackerel Information) 
Gary Wale-Food and Water-A Wilderness Guide (Survival Rationale)
Huw Woodman-Bowmaking pt III

Autumn 2007

Suzanne Kynaston-Brother Bear, Where Are you Know? (Bear Fact and Folklore)
Steve Kirk-Going in Search of Your Roots (Burdock and Horseradish)
Kevin Warrington/ Heiko Schmidt-"Eld" (Sami Book of Fire Information)
A Gathering of the Clans (Wilderness Gathering Picture Gallery)
Starlore-Finding North by Day and Night
There's No Replacement For Hips (Rosehip information)
Steve Kirk-The Good, The Bad & the Ugly (Penny Bun, Yellow Stainer and Chantrelle sinuesuse Fungi Information)
Huw Woodman-Smoker, Steamer, Oven-in-a-Tin
Huw Woodman-Thank You Romans! (Sweet Chestnut Information and Recipe)
Autumn Fire Festivals

Winter 2007/08

Starlore-Orion, the Hunter
An Introduction to the Ice Age
Niall Masson-Putting Ice Age Ordnance to the Test (Atlatl construction and Usage)
Weatherlore-Sun and Moon Halos
Huw Woodman-The Grave That Saves and Other Snow Shelters
Steve Kirk-The Poetry of Motion-Tracking Wildlife in the Snow
Helen Leaf-How to Make Lime Bark Cordage
Recognising Trees in Winter (Lime)
Danielle Schreve-Neanderthals at the Edge of the World
John Ruffhead-How to Make Your Own Knife pt I


Spring 2008

Greg Thompson-Harebrained!
Cathy Hill-Art in the Landscape
Lukasz Luczaj-Foraging for a Full Belly (From Carlisle to Carpathians)
Weatherlore-Estimating Wind Speed
Bob Ashington-Water of Life (Including a Gypsy Well 'How to')
Chris Matthews-How to Make Your Own Knife ptII, The Handle
John Ruffhead-Lug, Great Bait For Free
Starlore-Finding the Planets
Watercress (and Soup Recipe), Coltsfoot (and Soup Recipe)
Huw Woodman-Why Call it Vermin, When You Can Call it Lunch (Squirrel)

Summer 2008

Martin Holme-Tipi Magic
Bob Ashington-Water of Life pt II (filtering)
Weatherlore-Jet Stream and the Azores High
Huw Woodman-Hey, Hey, it's a Haybox (How to Make and Use One)
Steve Kirk-Carragheen and Pignut information and use
Phil Ireland-Cooking on a Pine Log Fire
John Rhyder-Give me Shelter (Low Impact Tarp and Debris Shelter)
Niall Masson-More Power to Your Elbow (Atlatl Construction and Use)

Autumn 2008

Anne Riddell-Pardon Me for Being a Boar (Wild Boar Article)
Bob Ashington-Sharp Tool Safety
John Ruffhead-Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks-Home of the Siren Sea Bass (Fishing Hints and Tips)
Phil Ireland-Charcloth the Easy Way (Squashed Tin)
Starlore-The Perseus Myth
Luckasz Lucaj-Berry Me Deep (Berry foraging article)
Paul Bradley-Make an Improvised Bamboo Cane Bow!
Steve Kirk-Learn and Earn your Lunch (Shaggy Ink Cap, Blewit and Hedgehog Fungus)
Weatherlore-Cloud Spotting: Altocumulus

Winter 2008/09

Phil Ireland-Backyard Bushcraft (Cultivating Wild Plants)
Starlore-Lepus, the Hare
Jenny Oliver-Dye Another Day (Wild Dying)
Bob Ashington-Five Fire Lays You Should Know
The Hunter Gatherer's Year (Winter?)
Weatherlore-The Belt of Venus
Steve Kirk-The Tree of Life (Scots Pine Info and Getting Winter Vitamin C)
Chris Matthews-How to Make Your Own Leather Sheath
Steve Kirk-Recognising Trees in Winter (Hazel)
Huw Woodman-A Bird in the Hand (Pheasant Prep)


Spring 2009

Fergus Drennan-Polypore Paper & Ink Cap Ink
Starlore-Leo the Lion
Tony Burton-Hand-Crafted Knives
Bob and James Ashington-Seven Safe Knife Cuts You Should Know
Huw Woodman-Getting Your Oats (Trail Food)
The Hunter-Gatherer's Year (Spring)
Steve Kirk & John Ruffhead-Gone Trigging (Cockling)
Phil Ireland-Dandelion Coffee and Dandelion Leaf Tea
Huw Woodman-Birch Sap Wine pt I
Philip Brown-"What's in the Bag Phil?"(How and What to Pack)
Steve Kirk-Hogweed Heaven (Info plus Barszcz Polski, Hogweed & Nettle Pan Scones and Hogweed and Carrot Cake)
Ben Law-May in Prickly Nut Wood (Book info including Oak info)
Weatherlore-Anatomy of a Rainbow

Summer 2009

Steve Kirk-Beach Bounty (Shellfish Collection, Cooking Info etc)
Nic Westermann-Forging a Traditional Steel Striker for Flint
Jacob Mackenzie-You Are Never Too Young to Smoke! (Building a Cold Smoker)
William Hince-Knowing Your Map
The Falconer's Knot
Phil Ireland-Make Your Own Sea Salt
The Hunter-Gatherer's Year
Bob Ashington-Leave Only a Triail! (Minimising Impact)
Weatherlore-Iridescent Clouds
Carol Hunt/ Steve Kirk-Super Sow-Thistles (Gnocchi, Pakoras and 'Seaweed')
Starlore-Low Full Moon

Autumn 2009

Sally Mittuch-Wash Like a Nomad
Steve Kirk & John Ruffhead-A Fish in the Fingers (Prepping a Fish)
William Hince-Find Your Orientation (Map and Natural Navigation)
Weatherlore-Cold Fronts
Bob Ashington-Make a Pot Hanger For Your Hotpot
The Taut-Line Hitch
Phil Ireland-Bush Wines (With Ingredients)
Starlore-Cygnus, the Swan
The Hunter-Gatherer's Year (Autumn)
Steve Kirk-A Fistful of Fungi (Larch Bolete, False Saffron Milk-Cap and Brown Roll Rim)
Phil Ireland-Folding Saw Holster

Winter 2009/10

John Ruffhead-Working With a Ferret
Dr. Hilary William Jones-Hypothermia 
Bob Ashington-Flame Generation the Modern Way (Potassium Permanganate & Antifreeze, Battery Sparks, Fire Steels, Solar Reflector, Ferro Rod, Matches & Lighters)
Carol Hunt-Sea Beet & Blewitt Pie, Hot-Sour Jelly Ear & Tofu Soup
Steve Kirk-Fast Buck, Easy Doe (Rabbit Prep)
Paul Bradley-Timber/ Killick Hitch
Starlore-Full Moon Features
Adrian Shaw and Phil Ireland-Forest School at Lydford Gorge
William Hince-Taking an OS Survey Grid Reference
Steve Kirk-Tracking Wildlife in the Snow (Badger)


Spring 2010

Carol Hunt-Spring Tonic-Spring Leaves! (Tonic Greens and Recipes)
Phil Ireland-Alchemy With wood (Charcoal Making Process)
Starlore-Gemini, the Twins
Phil Caira-Scorch no More, With a Kelly Kettle Stand (How to Make One)
Steve Kirk-Death by Leaf?
Matthew Selfe-Little Ray of Sunshine (Ray Info and How to Catch)
Figure of 8 Loop and the Bowyers Knot
Weatherlore-Warm Fronts
Dave Budd-Taking Good Care of Your Knife
Nine Herbs Charm
Love My World-Book Review
Dawn Ireland-The Humble Dandelion (Info Plus Tea and Wine Recipes)

Summer 2010

Paul Bradley-To Make a Waxed Leather Flacket (Mary Rose Style Leather Container)
Starlore (Bootes)
Anne Morton-Understanding Umbellifers
Greg Elliots-Home-made Firelighters
Dawn Ireland-Hedgerow Brews
Phil Caira-How to Fashion a Forge From an Old Car Wheel
Steve Kirk & Adrienne Carr-Bush Bites (Cambodia Holiday)
Phil Ireland-“Punkie Dope” (Insect Repellent Recipe)
Huw Woodman-Drying Herbs and Seaweeds
Weatherlore (Cumulus Clouds)
Phil Ireland-Charcoal Making pt II

Autumn 2010

Piers Murphy-Wild at Heart (‘Wild Europe’)
Steve Kirk and Dr. Hilary Jones-The Silent, Invisible Killer (CO)
Steve Kirk-Eat a Bolete
Stuart Goring-Marked (Borneo Tattoos)
Phil Ireland-Tasty Trail Treats (Tofu Jerky/ Fruit Leather and Seed Mix)
Steve Kirk-Part of a Conspiracy (The Raven)
Dawn Ireland-Ways of Preparing Herbal Medicines (Infusions/ Deconction/ Maceration/ Rob)
Huw Woodman-Building a Traditional Cob Oven
Bob Ashington-Top 10 Tinders
Judy Butterworth-Natural Healing (Elderberry syrup/ Cough medicine)
     Rebecca Davies-Bottling Fruit-The Easy Way!

     Winter 2010/ 11

    Edward Jones-Living in the Forests of Sweden ptI
    Piers Chandler Otzi Lives!
    Starlore-Taurus, the Bull
    Bob Ashington-Basic Tree Felling Techniques
   Carol Hunt-Cook Wild (Chickweed Soup, 'Black' Risotto, Hawthorn Jellies and 'Oregon          Grape' Wine)
    Phil Ireland-Water Witching
    Mark Horden-Jute Cord and Flint and Steel Traditional Fire-Lighting
   Craig Grant-Making Moccasins, Step by Step
   Weatherlore (Lake Effect Snow)


Spring 2011

Sarah Howcraft-The Sound of a Different Drum (Shamanism)
Edward Jones-Living in the Forests of Sweden ptII
Weatherlore-Long-Term Weather Forcasting
Paul Bradley-Spoon Carving With Robin Wood (Course Review)
Matthew Selfe-Cod Almighty! (Fishing Guide)
Carol Hunt-Cook Wild (Rocket and Ramson Tapas/  Hedge Garlic and Blue Cheese Wraps/  Beech Leaf Noyau/ Nettle Pasta Parcels/ Honeyed Coltsfoot and Carragheen Jelly)
Craig Grant-Making a Birch Bark Container
Alex Travers-Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses (Blindfolded Bushcraft)
Kevin Warrington-Spring in Lapland

Summer 2011

Sarah Howcroft-The San of Time
Star Lore-Heliacal Rising
Edward Jones-In Search of Sustainability-Living in the Forests of Sweden
Dawn Ireland-Making the Most of Medicinal Herbs
Steve Kirk-Calibrate Yourself (Bodily Measurements)
Carol Hunt-Alfresco Summer (Stuffed Fish with Fennel, Fish with Samphire and Sea Purslane and Elderflower and Rose Petal Fritters with Wild Strawberries in Syrup)
Weather Lore-Sea Breezes
Steve Kirk-The class of Spring ’11 (Woodcraft School Course Review)
Kevin Warrington-Summer in Lapland
Mark Hordon-Fire Lighting with the Fire Piston
Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word

Autumn 2011

Des Portelli-Get Your Eye in! (Making and Using a Catapult)
Paul Naylor-Shut Your Trap! (Three Live Bird Traps)
Star Lore-Charles’ Wain (Early Star Writings)
Edward Jones-Living in the Forests of Sweden
Steve Kirk-What to do if you meet Death in the Woods…(Death Cap)
Weather Lore-High Level Clouds
Carol Hunt-Dining Out in Autumn (Rocket Stove, Marjoram, Fungi and Hawthorn Wine Risotto, Bannock, and Acorn Coffee)
Sally Mittuch-Soaps That Grow on Trees (Snowberry, Horse Chestnut and Soapnut)
Kevin Warrington-Autumn in Lapland
Mark Hordon-Fire Lighting With a Traditional Tinderbox
      Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word

Winter 2012
Steve Kirk-Making Tracks…The Rabbit
Phil Ireland-How High is That Tree? (Estimating Tree Height)
Weatherlore-Winter Windstorms
Des Portelli-Rabbit, Beware My Snare
Carol Hunt-Winter Fare (Cep Soup, Mincemeat Morsels, Acorn Oatcake Crackers, Marinated and Griddled Rabbit, Buttered Sea Beet With Toasted Hazelnuts and Bacon Lardons and White Beans with Alexanders)
Paul Bradley-A Hardwood Spoon Made Easy
Hans Karlsson-The Right Tool For the Task (Carving and Crook Knives)
Star Lore-Inuit Star Names
Kieron Stewart-Catch a Little Rabbit
Kevin Warrington-Winter in Lapland
     Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word


Spring 2012

Kevin Warrington-Guksi-The Sámi Coffee Cup (and how to carve a cup)
Weatherlore-Sun Arcs and Rings
Carol Hunt and Steve Kirk-get out, Forage and Cook! (Ramson Tabbouleh, Nettle and Dock Potato Cakes, Zuppa Pavese E Aglio Selvatico (Ramsons), Smoked Salmon Pasta and Ramson Sauce, Wild Garlic Bread, Alexanders Soup and ‘Paneer’ Curd Cheese with Ramsons)
Jaci Legge-Elliot-Felting For the Field (How to Make Felt)
Matt Fletcher-Galloway Forest Park
Star Lore-The Transit of Venus
Craig Grant-Walkabout to Woomera (How to Make an Aboriginal Throwing Spear)
Steve Kirk-My Lords, Ladies and Devil’s Gentleman (Arrum)
Sarah Howcroft-Visions Quests and Medicine Walks
Lloyd Hooper-What a Cracking Weekend! 

Summer 2012

Craig Grant-How to Make a Model Birch Bark Canoe
Matthew Selfe-Wilderness First Aid
Steve Kirk-Relief in a Leaf (Plantain, Mallow, Yarrow, Bramble, Fluellen and Nettle)
John Ruffhead-In Pursuit of a Striped Torpedo (Mackerel and recipe)
Steve Kirk-Purple Power! (Blackberry baked Egg Custard, Blackberry and Apple Loaf-Cake, Blackberry Carragheen Jelly and Sweet and Sour Blackberry Chicken)
Weather Lore-Thunderstorm Features
Steve Kirk-Venomous Creatures (Adder and Weaver Fish)
Kevin Warrington-A Platter to Flatter (Making a Wooden Plate/ Bowl
Star lore-Summer Triangle
Axle-Getting the Right Tan (hide tanning how to)
Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word

Autumn 2012

Craig Grant-how to Make a Birch Model Canoe pt II
Dawn Ireland-Medicine in Mushrooms
Kevin Warrington-Take Good Care of Your Crusader (and Carve Your Own Cooking Stand)
Mark Hordon-Much Ado About Amadou
Steve Kirk-Mushroom Magic (Horse Mushroom, Agaricus urinascens, Pavement Mushroom, Wood Mushroom and Field Mushroom) 
Paul Bradley-To Make a Waxed Leather Tankard
Starlore-Moon Viewing in Japan
Ian Swain-Propolis and Honey 'Panacea' Liqueur
Mathew Selfe-Acorn Coffee and Flour
Steve Kirk-Mmm...ushrooms! (Recipes)
     Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word

Winter 2012/ 13

Kevin Warrington-What to Wear in Winter (When you Live in the Arctic Circle)
Chris Hope-The Bare Minimum (Shepherd’s Purse, Ground Ivy and Wall Pennywort)
Matthew Selfe-A Knife is Born
Star Lore-Canis Major
Steve Kirk, Fay Hutchinson and Kate Wilde-Spirit of the Woods
Freeman Justin-How to make a Sámi-Style Stash Pot
Matt Fletcher-Lost!
Weather Lore-Jack Frost
Jamie Burleigh-How to Build a Primitive Bow pt I
Lewis Hooper-The Hobo Stove (how to)
Steve Kirk-Hidden Treasure (Tree Flowers)
Steve Kirk-Seared Venison with Ginger Sesame Watercress
Craig Grant-Preserving Ben’s Legacy (Bear Hide Tanning)


Spring 2013

Will Lord-Living in the Stone Age-The Origins of Bushcraft (and Flint Axe Head how to)
Carol Hunt-Beach Feast (Potted Shrimp, Salted Seaweed Oatcakes, Garlic Shrimp Pasta, Seafood and Wild Chervil Broth and Seafood Risotto)
Weather Lore-Cloud Varieties: Undulatus Asperatus
Paul Bradley-To Make a Possibles Pouch
Noami Westall-Acient Ways for Modern Days (Lynx Vilden)
Matt Fletcher-Spring in Snowdonia
Star Lore-The Phantom
Steve Kirk-Those that Would Live in Health, may use it if they Please (Watercress)
Jamie Burleigh-How to Build a Primitive Bow pt II
Jacob McKenzie-Make Your Own Hammock
Ben Aston-Tracking the Elusive…? (Boar)
Phil Brown-The Bowline (Knot Tutorial)
Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word (The Armchair Bushcrafter)

Summer 2013

Nick Weston-Ethiopia: Working With Nature
Clive Edwards-Car Lamp Fire Starter
Weather Lore-Understanding the Anti-Solar Point
Dave Brannigan-The ‘Marra’ Kneeling Bow Drill (Bow Drill Technique)
Steve Kirk-Red Currant  Affairs (Red Currant Cheesecake and ‘Lucky’ Fool)
Kevin Warrington-Living With the Midnight Sun (Swedish Lapland)
Matthew Selfe with Steve Kirk-Lords of the Stone Age (The Lord Family)
Ben Aston-How to Construct a Portable Seat
Phil Ireland-Make a Drinks can Fire Lighter
Keith Bosely-The Botany of the Bow Drill (wood review)
Star Lore-Tailed Stars
Jamie Burleigh-How to Build a Primitive Bow (pt III)
Lloyd Hooper-The Last Word

Autumn 2013

Carol Hunt-The Fat of the Land (Fungi Crostini, Acorn,Bean and Fungi Soup, Beefsteak Carpaccio Marinade and Acorn Hummus)
Paul Bradley-Carving Cuts
Weatherlore-Lacunosus (cloud)
Nick Misson-“For He’s a Jolly Good Fallow” (deer prep)
Steve Kirk-Mushroom, Myth and Magic
Steve Friedrich-Foraging for Amanitas
Taylor Peek-Obblyyobblyonkers (Horse Chestnut soap and game)
Kevin Warrington-Making a Whistle out of a Drinks Can
Mark Hordon-Improving Your Amadou (or not)
Michael L. Pennock-The difference a Hole Makes (bow drill technique)
Star Lore-The Wonderful Star
Phil Ireland-Hang ‘Em High (DIY Tripod)
Lloyd Hooper-The Deck of Cards (Bushcraft Seen in the Card Numbers)

Winter 2013/14

Linda Sankey-My Wolf Stories (Canada Trip)
Dawn Ireland-Hidden Healing (Horseradish, Burdock, Yellow Dock, Blackberry Root, Stinging Nettle and Dandelion)
Weather Lore-Storm Surge
Tim Smith-A Snowshoe Primer
Will Lord-The Pressure-Flaking Technique or The Sublime Beauty of Barb and Tang
Matthew Selfe-A Dab Hand (Fishing for Dab)
Lewis Hooper-How to Make a One Log Fire
Steve Kirk-Making Ink From Oak Galls
Lynda Shaw-A Quick Spin Through Time (Spinning)
John Ruffhead How to Fillet a Flattie (Flatfish)
Carol Hunt-Creature Comforts (Rabbit, Chorizo and Bean Stew)
Star Lore-The Man in the Moon
Lloyd Hooper-From the Mouths of Babes: Knife Wisdom


Spring 2014

Matt Fletcher-Paddle to Freedom and Adventure
Weather Lore-Virga (Cloud Article)
Bernadette Simpson-Searching for Spring in Sinai
Jason Wayne Beever-A Bowyer’s Journey (Hickory)
Steve Kirk-Glorious Mud (sign in mud)
Star Lore-(Native American Lore)
Roger Harrington-Hand Craft a Knife at Home pt I
Carol Hunt-Go Down to the Woods Today (Venison Stew,  Ramson Mash, Onion Garnish and Nettle Tips)
Paul Bradley-To Make a Leather Axe Mask
Katy Runacres-Fancy a Cup of Krauter Tee? (Lady’s Mantle, Kidney Vetch and Wild Thyme Swiss tea)
Rowan Harrington-Making an Antler Handle for my Firesteel
Phil Ireland-How to Make a Delicious Dandelion Syrup
Lloyd Hooper ‘Welly Wednesday’

Summer 2014

Carol Hunt-Park Life (Nocino Walnut Aperitif)
Roger Harrington-Hand Craft a Knife at Home pt II (Fitting the Handle)
Weather Lore-Cloud Spotting from the Air
Andy Pattenden-Fishing For Pigeons (Sarajevo)
Will Lord-The Mighty Burin (Flint Chisel)
Star Lore-Night-Shining Clouds
Steve Kirk-Plantain Pop-Guns
Taylor Peek-The Willow’s Wonders (Willow Sculpture)
Bushcraft Britain & Ireland (Bushcraft School Map)
Matthew Selfe-Easy Emergency Mackerel Feathers
Phil Ireland-Condiments of the Season  (Hedge Mustard, Charlock and Jack by the Hedge)
Jason Wayne Beever-A Bowyers Journey. The Asiatic Composite Bow
Lloyd Hooper-Divine Inspiration

Autumn 2014

Steve Kirk-If the Cap Fits…Eat it!
Roger Harrington-Handcraft a Knife at Home pt III (making a Leather Scabbard)
Steve Kirk-Toothache Relief in a Leaf
Kevin Warrington-Walking Reindeer (Swedish Lapland)
Weatherlore-Lenticular Clouds
Dawn and Phil Ireland-A Home-made Hydrosol for Distilling Herbs
Edward O’Toole-Carpathian Autumn (Slovakia)
Starlore-Telling the Time by the Stars
Steve Kirk-Make a Fox Tooth Necklace
Edward O’Toole-The Other Side of the Bush (Slovakia)
John Ruffhead-How to Fillet a Codfish
Carol Hunt-Wild Harvested Hazelnut Spread
      Lloyd Hooper-The Last Letter in Bushcraft (tea)

Winter 2014/ 15

Sarah Lord-Once Upon an Ancient Time (cave art)
Roger Harrington-Hand craft a Knife at Home pt IV (Finishing the Leather Scabbard)
Kevin Warrington-Snow Stories From Scandinavia
Starlore-The Northern Lights
Jason Wayne Beever-How to Make Fish Air Bladder Glue
Steve Kirk-An Eye-catching Advertisement
Avalanche! An Extract From The Artic Expedition Handbook by Chris Furse
Carol Hunt-Dusky Beauties (Trompettes de la Mort With Recipes)
Steve Kirk-Skull Skool (Badger, Fox, Sheep, Fallow and Ferret/ Polecat)
Edward O'Toole-Winter in Slovakia
Lloyd Hooper-Good Old Ways From the "Good Old Days"


Spring 2015

Cathy Hill-Genghis Khan's Cooking Pot (Mongolian Hotpot with Barley Greens recipe)

Rowan Kirk-Spirit of the Season (2 x Violet Vodka Drinks)
Weatherlore-Contrails and Distrails
Paul Bradley-An Introduction to Braiding (Making a Baldric)
Jenny Oliver-Laying down the Blues (dyes)
Starlore-Eclipse of the Sun, Eclipse of the Moon
Jason Wayne Beever-Opening a Composite Horn Bow
Steve Kirk-early Identification of Umbellifers
Roger Harrington-Handcraft a Knife pt V (Sharpening your Scandi Grind Knife)
Edward O'Toole-Carpathian Spring
Steve Kirk-Skull Skool (Brown Bear, Grey wolf, Dog, Raccoon, Horse)
Lloyd Hooper-What Can You do With a Squirrel Tail?

Summer 2015

Carol Hunt-Filling the 'Hungry Gap' (Mallow Soup, Slow Roasted Garlic, Steamed Hogweed Buds and Rose and Chocolate 'Turkish Delight')

Steve Kirk-Herbs Against Hangovers
Starlore-Scorpius, the Scorpion
Paul Bradley-Finishing off Your Baldric
Gorge Pittman-Gorge, Taming the Dragon
Weatherlore-Watching a Thunderstorm From Afar
Geoffrey Guy-Interpreting Lowland Woodland (Landscape Lore)
Graham Couling-How to Make an Elm Bark Knife Sheath
Edward O'Toole-Leshy-Slovakia's Spirit of the Forest
Steve Kirk-The Snake's Progress
Lloyd Hooper-Fishing in the Past

Autumn 2015

Roger Harrington-Making the Natural Choice (Bison shirt design)

Jason Wayne Beever-Steam Bending Wood
Steve Kirk-Here, There be Giants! (Puffballs)
Edward O'Toole-Hunt Without Pain,. Trap Without Shame (Trail Cams)
Starlore-Time, Clocks and Planet Earth
Mattia Michelacci-How to  Make a Wool Bush Shirt
Weatherlore-Weather Forecasting at  Night
Steve Kirk-Sweeeet, Sweet Chestnuts
Oscar and Merlin Saunders-And the Award For wizard Photography Goes to...
Richard Guy-A Quick Guide to Interpreting Animal Field Signs
Steve Kirk-How to Make and Use a 'Hand Dial' (For Telling Time)
Lloyd Hooper-Life, With a Knife

Winter 2015/ 16

Roger Harrington-The Perfect Bushcraft Boot
Steve Kirk-Trees Stripped Bare (Beech Hornbeam Blackthorn Hawthorn Alder &  Horse Chestnut)
Hilary Jones-Spinning for Bushcrafters (hand held spinner)
Anthea Reynolds-"Kia-Ora!"
Starlore-'Crazy Stars'
Carol Hunt-The Winter Seashore (Seaweed Stock Soup, Shellfish Gumbo and Sweet Puff Puffs)
Hills, Hoods, Hats, Cowls, Caps and Capes (Weather Sayings)
The Hunter-gatherer's Year
Cathy Hill-'Earth Circles' and some Winter Woodland Magic
Graham Couling-How to make a Birch Bark Flask
Steve Kirk-Woes and Glory
Lloyd Hooper-Let Heaven and Nature Sing


Spring 2016

Edward O'Toole-Watch out, the  re are Boar About!
James Garey-In Praise of the Birch Tree
Steve Kirk-Exhilarating Elderflower (and Elderflower Fritter Rice Pudding Cheesecake & Trout recipes)
Anthea Reynolds-"Hi- How are you?"
Starlore-Events of the Sun, Forward to the Past, Fire Down Below, Bee Careful and Tipi Wisdom
Jason Wayne Beever-Bring me my Bow (Guide to Flat, Recurve, Tatar and Mughal bows)
Austin Lill-Magazine Index
Hilary Jones-Going for a Spindle
Steve Kirk-Calibrate Yourself, A Matter of Degree(Measuring Degrees with Hands and Fingers)
Edward O'Toole-True Tales of the Woods
Austin Lill-How to Weave a Paracord Bracelet
Lloyd Hooper-Mmm...I've Forgotten Something

Summer 2016

Austin Lill-From Patio Parasol to Jerky Tower!
The Hunter Gatherer's Year
Steve Kirk-Taste of the Landscape
Roger Harrington-Something for the Weekend Sir? (Weekend camp kit)
Edward O'Toole-Valaska-The Shepherd's Walking Stick
Weather-wise Flowers
John Ruffhead-Happy go Lucky Lures
Lidia Bustinduy-A Touch of Nature
Edward O'Toole-True Tales of the Woods
Starlore-The Spinning Serpent
Austin Lill-How to Weave Paracord People
Lloyd Hooper-A Find not to be Sniffed at

Autumn 2016

Austin Lill-Have Tarp, Got Tent! (How to make a tarp tent)
Jonathon Huet-Woodland Journeys
Kevin Warrington and Johan Forsberg-Bushcraft Sverige (Bushcraft Sweden)
Steve Kirk-The Incredible Edible fungus...You've Never Heard of!
Dave Ivatt-Kids-Lost in the Woods? Hug a Tree and Saty Safe
Chris Brisley-How to Cook and Dress a Brown Crab
Keith Boseley-Ancient Woodlands and Their Fungi
Willem van Putten-How to Deal with a Crashing Boar
Starlore-The Great Square of Pegasus
Edward O'Toole-True Tales of the Woods
Lily Owen and Steve Kirk-Tell-tale Tellin signs (Clam collection)
Steve Kirk-The Joy of Sticks
The Hunter-gatherer's Year
Weatherlore-Red Rainbows
Lloyd Hooper-"Oi-that's MY fire!"

Winter 2016/ 17

Edward O'Toole-Real Winter
Austin Lill-A Year of Wild Service
Fraser Christian-The Cardboard Box Smoker
The Hunter-gatherer's Year
Anthea Reynolds-Weaving with New Zealand Flax
The Curse of Judas Iscariot (Jew's Ear)
Hilary Jones-Viking Knitting 
Edward O'Toole-Snow Tracks in Slovakia
David Willis-How to make Fresh Bread Al-fresco
Starlore-Auriga, the Charioteer
Corton Olver-The Principle of Shelter
Steve Kirk-How to Prepare and Cook a Common Cuttlefish
Edward O'Toole-True Tales of the Woods
Frozen (Types of Frost)
Lloyd Hooper-In the Zone


Spring 2017

Phil Ireland-One Man and his Coracle
Steve & Rosie Kirk-The Unfortunate Incident of Dog Mercury at Dinner
Des Portelli-Making a Rocket Stove Without Electrical Tools
Starlore-Virgo, the Maiden
Glenn Smith-The Other Stone (Knapping Quartzite)
Fraser Christian-Making a Trad. Gipsy Bender Sapling Frame (with a 3 m x 3 m tarp)
The Hunter-gatherer's Year
Rowan Harrington & John Fuggle-Bronze Casting with Will Lord
Edward O'Toole-True Tales of the Woods
Dawn Ireland-The Herb-gatherer's Year (Sweet Violets, Coltsfoot, Wood Avens, Ground Ivy and Lesser Celandine)Mark Hordon-Testing the Sharpness of Your Blade
Weatherlore-Kelvin-Helmolz Formations
Lloyd Hooper-A Job for a Log (and a Treat for the Birds)