Saturday, 20 December 2014

Skinning a three piece...

A month or so ago my wife suggested that our leather three piece was past it's best and that we needed to look at getting replacements. Music to my ears, I'd had my eye on all that leather since we got them in the first place! The plan was to take apart the two single chairs before the delivery day, and then attack the sofa on the day and hope that the new stuff didn't arrive too soon.

It's hard to overcome the feeling that you are doing something wrong as you sink a blade into the leather, and what if the van breaks down and so on. Naturally I wanted to glean as much leather as possible but also had an eye on the time because I didn't want a half processed sofa around when the new stuff turns up. Initially I studiously picked out the staples but soon ditched this for the faster compromise of scoring carefully with a blade.

Now as I mentioned earlier it feels odd to be cutting into furniture, so to really mess with my mind, my wife suggested posing for the 'What the Hell are you doing?!' picture above. Oh my...

After a while it dawns on you what you have done, and indeed how far you have to go. At this stage you realise just how well this sort of furniture is made and how tough leather is, especially when it is folded around a corner. I also saved some of the non-leather pieces with the view to making a poshcrafting sit spot seat and rope maker amongst other things.

The pile of leather is given scale by the mobile phone at the top of the picture on the left hand side above. The hard work done and as much of the remains recycled as possible...Except for the bits I'll be using when time and space allows. As well as strops, possibles pouches and the like, I reckon I'll have another crack at these moccasins that I made  a while ago because whilst they are usable, it's the old chestnut of learning loads as you make them, giving you pointers that you could improve upon if doing them again. As I also saved some of the padding and insulation I might have a go at a version of a mukluk too because whilst the moccasins are comfortable and allow each footstep to be felt, they ain't warm underfoot on a chilly day.

I've got a trade with Ragsto for a Kelly kettle bag set up for the new year-watch this space...

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