Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Ask Paul Kirtley Q & A series

In late May 2013 I attended a three day  bushcraft taster course run by Frontier bushcraft in Sussex (course blog here). I'd watched founder Paul Kirtley's rise to public prominence and definitely decided that I wanted in.

The attendees were fortuitous enough to have a late but very vibrant show of bluebells in the woods and once I returned home I finished off a review article that I'd agreed to do for Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine. Suffice to say that it got a glowing report (you can see a quote from the article on the Frontier page detailing this course). I'd scribbled copious notes during the sessions but there was one when I didn't have a pen and paper to hand when a guy said to Paul that he'd taken home a roadkill deer, to which Paul asked him a series of 'Did you?' questions concerning things he needed to have checked.

After the course I tried in vain to recall the list of things to check and couldn't. Fast forward to 2015 and Paul had launched his #askpaulkirtley series in which he makes a short film and answers questions from individuals, this is to take the pressure off his inbox and so that any viewer/ listener can benefit from the answer, not just the asker.

Episode 7 link here

Well that offered me the opportunity to ask! I used the soundpipe facility to record my question and sat back to see I was lucky enough to be selected. I was. I noticed that Paul put a link to the seventh in the series on Facebook on Aug 16th 2015 and I noticed roadkill listed amongst the subject and I have to say I had butterflies but it was late and I waited until the morning. It turned out to be the first question answered and it was a sort of relief to find out that I hadn't imagined it. 

On a wider note, I don't know how Paul finds time to put all this information out into the public domain, and combined with his other blog output he is selflessly getting facts and projects out there on a regular basis. If you want to leave him a question then visit this page.

Now when I complete a blog page I usually mention it on my Facebook page, and sometimes on bushcraft groups if I think the content would interest a wider audience. I've decided just to put this out because at the end of the day this blog is my record of bushcraft stuff both big and small, and I don't want it to look like I'm mentioning Paul to a wider audience to get some quick viewing figures.

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