Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Vango Kit Review/ Badger Poo Trail Cam Shots

As I was in the country for a district cub skills camp I bought along my trail cam to see what I could capture in the night hours.

I'd seen a blog link on Twitter where a chap had placed a horses salt block out to attract deer and badger to his trail cam so I decided to give it a go. It didn't get any passing trade this time and no deer passed the camera so the jury is out as to whether lugging this house brick size and weight lump is worth it or not. I wasn't sure if it would disintegrate drilling a whole or cordage grooves in it so I decided to secure it using a killick hitch and i also baited the area with peanuts as well as the block.

As I mentioned I didn't get any deer action (roe and muntjac were possibilities) but  I got a rabbit early on  and then a lucky badger wandered by and scrummed itself silly on the peanut feast.  See this page about the camp, badger latrines, a kill site, spalted wood, sunrises, Venus, kit reviews and leopard print thongs...

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