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Bushcraft & Survival Skills mag (issues 1-30)

I have all the Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine issues and it became harder and harder to find a specific article quickly. I therefore started out on a labour of love and listed the articles by issue on a Word  document and then on a bushcraft forum. Latterly I then switched to this 'blogified' version. I've divided the blogs up into 30 issues per page with The article reference blog page for issues 1-30  found here and issues 61-90 found here.

The main reason that I swapped from the forum to this blog was that once I uploaded updates onto the former  I couldn't alter previous ones and so errors etc stayed in place so I therefore have the luxury of tweaking the blog lists as and when I find an error. I've also  highlighting certain regular contributor names so that individual articles can be dug out.

I have run out of colour combinations so inevitably I've had to omit a few and indeed I've clumped some together eg Woodland Ways and the magazine contributors  due to multiple writers being involved.  This list is a one size fits all so some contributors may be on one blog page but not another and if you spot an error etc do let me know please.

I've divided the issues up into 30 issues per page, with the other page being ongoing from issues 31-60 here and issues 61-90 hereThis list is a one size fits all so some contributors may be on one blog page but not another and if you spot an error etc do let me know please.

Marcus Harrison   Ian Nairn   Dave Watson  Pablo  Fi Glover   Jonathan Simons
Joe O'Leary  Dale Collett  Tristan Gooley  Tim Gent
Ian Maxwell   Simon Ellar, Olivia Beadsmore and Grant Neale  Andrew Price  
Jason Ingamells, Kevan Palmer and Adam Logan    Fraser Christian    
Roger Harrington  Karl Lee  Richard Lees  Ben and Lois Orford 
     Ben McNutt/Lisa Fenton    Fergus Drennan     Fi Danks and Jo Schofield
Perry McGee  John Rhyder  Paul Kirtley  Dave Craze  Jon Ridgeon  Chris Holland  
George Thompson/ Harry Hazeldean       Dave Budd     Patrick McGlinchy    
Annette Stickler   James Watson    Thomas Schorr-Kon   Andrew Price     


Roger Harrington-Bison Bushcraft

Dave Watson-Fire-Friend or Foe?

Chris Holland-Bushcraft & Contemporary Living

Daisy May-When There’s no Power What Power do you Have?

Marcus Harrison-An Introduction to Wild Food

Jeremy Hastings-Bushcraft Story-the Day of the Whale

Patrick McGlinchy-How to Make a Birch Bark Container

What Lights Your Fire?(Firesteel Review)

Anthonio Akkermans-Bushcraft. A Reason For Being?

Collins Gem Food For Free (Book Review)

Bison Bushcraft Course Review

Chris Holland-Fun in the Bush!


Roger Harrington-Sharpening a scandi grind knife
Patrick McGlinchy-How to make a Birch bark bowl
Dave Watson-Bow and Drill fire lighting
Mors Kochanski interview
SAS Survival Guide (Lofty Wiseman) and Basic Bushcraft and Survival (Peter  Gawieta) DVD review
Antonio Akkermans-Natures own adhesive (resin and tempers)
Simon Ellar-Gransfors Wildlife hatchet review
Marcus Harrison-Where Triffids fear to tread (Spring food// recipes)
Antonio Akkermans-Chipping into the past (knapping)
Children learn about bushcraft
Jeremy Hastings-Tracking the Otter
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Medicinal  plants (Plantain, Yarrow, Willow & Dandelion)
Bearclaw Bushcraft course review
Chris Holland-Fun in the bush!

Roger Harrington-Safe use of your bushcraft knife
How important is water in the wild?
Patrick McGlinchy-How to make a folded bark basket
Dave Watson-Tinders for fire lighting
Spear fishing for Crayfish
Marcus Harrison-Hunting for Good King Henry (early summer edibles/ recipes)
Simon Ellar-Laplander saw review
Antonio Akkermans/ Karl Lee-Flint knapping tools and materials
Basic bushcraft and survival II DVD and Bushcraft (Mors Kochanski) book review
What knot? Sheet bend
A great product available from the Wild-Mart superstore is...Flint
Jeremy Hastings-The overnight tarp camp
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Medicinal plants (Elder and St. Johns Wort)
Backwoods Survival School course review

Roger Harrington-Axe selection For Bushcraft

Scrub’s up! (Horsetail as a Cleaner)

Where’s the Water? (Water Sources)

Dave Watson-Hand Drill Equipment & Basic Technique

Selecting a Good Bushcraft Course

Hennessy Hammock Review

Karl Lee-Flintknapping, Material Selection & Reduction

Daisy May-Survival Skills & Marmite!

Chris Holland-’Wild Water’

Thomas Schorr-Kon-A Wonder Herb? Plantain

Chris Holland-Blindfolded Path Stalk 

Patrick McGlinchy-How to make a Rolled Birch Bark container

Trevor Funnell-What Knots, The Bowline

Every Day-A day in the Woods!

Lofty’s Back! Outdoor Survival Book Review

Marcus Harrison-High Noon on the Wild Side (Late Summer/ Early Autumn Plants & Recipe)

British Deer ID fact sheet

Jeremy Hastings-Using a knife safely 

Woodland Survival Crafts Course Review


Dave Watson-Make your own bow drill set
Patrick McGlinchy-How to make a Reedmace doll

Axe safety

Andrew Price-Obtaining water from snow and ice

Maths survival and Basic bushcraft & survival reviews

Olivia Beardsmore-Down to earth Christmas

Patrick McGlinchy-How to make Acorn jewellery

Simon Ellar-Seeing in the dark

Karl Lee-Production of simple flake tools

Dave Watson-Elder whistle and wooden flower stem

Winter tree ID

Marcus Harrision-A swinish new year’s feast (acorns/ hazels/ beech)and recipes

Patrick McGlinchy-Acorn coffee

Olivia Beardsmore-Weeing in the wild

Trevor Funnell-What knot?The figure of eight

Chris Holland-A contemporary Christmas

Great gifts for Christmas and all year round

Thomas Schorr-Kon-Beat the christmas stress and indulgence

Tony Collins-Bearclaw/ Islay birding and bushcraft course review

Jeremy Hastings-The Yule log


Roger Harrington-Survival Kits

Keeping the Elements at Bay

On the Rocks (Different ‘Bushcraft’ Stones)

Andrew Price-Filtering Water with a Millbank Bag

Marcus Harrison-And the Cupboard was Bare (Winter Foraging & Recipes)

Bushcraft Bare Essentials (Outdoor Bra Review)

Dave Watson-Tinderbox tip, Wood Punk
British Squirrels
Chris Holland-The Challenge of a Green Resolution
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Detox the Bushcraft way!
Bushtruck Course Review
Making Fire With Ice (Ice Ball Magnifier) 
Dave Watson-Traditional Flint & Steel (& Charcloth)
Daisy May-Enjoy the Elements (Tom Brown’s Field Guide, Nature & Survival for Children Book Review)
Backyard Bushcraft (Chimenea)
Pink Makeover (Breast cancer Campaign Outdoor Kit)
What Knot? The Sheepshank
Need Food…Need Resources?
Karl Lee-Producing Flint Blades & Flint Knapping, the art of the Ancients DVD Review
Jeremy Hastings-Winter Roving
Chris Holland-Sound Maps


Dave Watson-Bow drill variations
Marcus Harrison-Late winter/ Spring greens and recipes
Fire from drinks and chocolate...What?
Knife usage and the UK law
Mike Armstrong-Making a snare
Grant Neale-backpack ready meals review
Ask the expert
ISPO Munich trade show
Steve Yates-Consequences (accidents/ first aid)
Animal tracks and signs (Preben Bang & Preben Dahlstrøm) and Survival skills DVD (Lofty Wiseman) reviews
Karl Lee-Hammer time!
Chris Salisbury-Badger watching
An interview with Johnny Kingdom
Ian Maxwell introduction
Ben McNutt-Campsite selection (shelter and campcraft)
Olivia Beardsmore-Naturally fit!
Trevor Funnell-What knot? The marlin spike hitch
Chris Holland-The song of spring
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Leaves and flowers spring to mind!
Patrick H. Lindsay-From the tree to a very large bowl
Andrew Price-Water purification, why bother?
Chris Elphick-Dryad bushcraft course review
Jeremy Hastings-Spring was in the air!
Chris Holland-Reach out and touch the land!


Roger Harrington-Axe Sharpening 
James Watson-Fancy Perfect Pitch? (Resin Glue)
Andrew Price-MIOX Purifier Review
Mike Armstrong-Using a Snare
Marcus Harrison-When Nettles were Blind (Spring Plants & Recipes)
Ask Our Expert (Karl Lee)
Ben McNutt-How to Construct a Bush Tipi
Ian Maxwell-Make it Easy
Karl Lee-The Neanderthal ‘Bout Coupe’ (Hand Axe) 
Women in the Wild-Home From Home
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Leaves & Flowers Spring To Mind! (Elderflower)
Jeremy Hastings-A Fishing Adventure…
Dave Watson-Making Life Easy (Beginner Bow Drill)
Chris Salisbury-Nocturnal Nature
What Knot? Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
The OS Outdoors Show Review
Steve Yates-Oak Leaf Training
Natures hardware Store-The Sun
Daisy May-Primitive Living, Self Sufficiency & Survival Skills Book Review
Tent or Tepi…
Does Ray Mears have a New Knife Maker? (George Thompson)
Chris Holland-Doing the Fox Walk
Spring’s here!


Dave Budd-An audience with a knife maker
Dave Watson-Fire saw
Andrew Price-Improvised water purification techniques
James Watson-Brain tanning
What knot?/ Tinderbox tip
Ian Maxwell-ZIZO
Marcus Harrison-Late Spring/ Early summer greens with recipes 
Ian Nairn-How to carve a wooden spoon
Mike Armstrong-Prepping a Rabbit
Ticked Off!
Karl Lee-Basic pressure flaking-Leaf shaped arrowheads
Chris Salisbury-Wildwise
Simon Ellar-Cooking over an open fire (options)/ How to make S’mores
Self protection
Olivia Beardsmore-Women, chocolate and survival!/ A weekend with the girls (Hannah Nichols)
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Bees and Burdock
Chris Holland-The love of a real fire
Simon Ellar-Coastal foraging of a different kind
Neil Cowley-Purposeful plants (Woodcraft course review)
George Thompson-Bannock making
Jeremy Hastings-A solar clock
Chris Holland-Woodland radar


Dave Budd-Knives With a Purpose

Andrew Price-Obtaining Water in Arid Climates

What Knot? Bunny Ears

Marcus Harrison-Was it Good For you? (‘Weed’ Veg & Recipes)

Backyard Bushcraft-Wooden Herb Garden Fence

What do you Sleep in?

Lars Falt in Sweden

Jerkying Around

Seasoning Cast Iron Pots

Thomas Schorr-Kon-Time to Stock up on Vitamin C

Hazel-The Wonder wood!

Ian Nairn-A Week in the Woods (Tamarack Course Review)

Dave Watson-Another String For Your Bow

James Watson-Not Just For the Dogs! (Rawhide Container)

Mans Best Friend Can Lighten Your Load

Animal Tracks ID (Ian Maxwell) Book Review

Mike Armstrong-To Catch a Trout (DIY Copper Pipe Lure)

Chris Salisbury-Stag Nights!

Women in the Wild-Natural Beauty (Sally Pointer article/ ‘To dos’)

Chris Holland-Stories, Patterns & Bushcraft

Collecting Animal Tracks (Plaster of Paris)

George Thompson-Walnuts!

Chris Holland-Great Sitting Bugs!

Jeremy Hastings-A Summer Camp


Dave Budd-Freehand sharpening

Dave Watson-Hand drill variants (cordage)
Marcus Harrison-Berried...Or berried (red, orange & black berries)
Small Woodland Creatures (book review)
Mike Armstrong-More About (making) Lures
Firewood facts (burning qualities)
Wrapped up in layers
Thomas Schorr-Kon- Mystery of Mistletoe
Make your own axe (Gransfors course)
George Thompson-George & Mors in Canada & How to Make a Tin Whistle
Andrew Price-Desalination
James Watson-Arrow Making
Winter travels (prep)
Bushcraft  beats the blues
It's a Christmas Tree (id piece)
Knots (round turn & 2HH, prussik, timber & truckers hitch)
Chris Salisbury-Presents or Presence
Be prepared-First aid kit review
Chris Holland-Celebrating Death & Rebirth & Prints in Pooh!
Jeremy Hastings-A Winters Tale
The Gatherer


Dave Budd-UK Jungle Warfare
Dave Watson-Hand Drill Variants pt II
Andrew Price-Make a Box Oven
Marcus Harrison-Burdock
Neil Cowley-Learning for Disengaged Children
Ian Nairn-Get a Handle on the Situation
Mike Armstrong-Fish Prep
Chris Salisbury-Gorged & Bloated
Women In The Wild-Women Instructing in the Wild
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Pine
George Thompson-(Rounded End) Opinel Knife
What Knot? Overhand
James Watson-You are What You Think! (Bow Making)
Daisy May-Ray Mears Wild Food Book Review
Everyday Bushcraft Cedar Plank Stand
Glyn David-Every Second Counts
Grant Neale-Tarp Review
Chris Holland-Playing Out
Claire Morris-Artic Survival Challenge Course Review
Jeremy Hastings-It was an old Year Yesterday
Fi Bird-Mussels


Dave Budd-Ultimate Bushcraft Tool, The Billhook
Andrew Price-Cooking Fish on a Stick
Ian Nairn-How to Carve a Wooden Cup
Marcus Harrison-A Whiff of Garlic in the Night (& Recipes)
Mike Lumino-Everyday Bushcraft (Pot Hanger)
Chris Salisbury-Spring Awakening
Grant Neale-Sock Review
Women in the Wild-Your Place or Mine? (Spiders)
Bushcraft on the British Coast
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Dandelion
Chris Holland-Follow That Log
Jeremy Hastings-Oimelc
Dave Watson-Fire by Pole Lathe
What Knot? Alpine Butterfly
Bushcraft Skills & How to Survive in the Wild Book Review
James Fox-Birch Polypores
Mike Armstrong-Plastic Bottles (Minnow Trap)
Glyn David-Having a Plan
Chris Holland-Beyond the Porcelain
Lindsey Burns-The Modern Native (Native Awareness Course Review)
Fi Bird-Rhubarb & Sweet Cecily
George Thompson-Making a Whimmy Diddle


Dave Budd-Which Axe?
Andrew Price-Making a Sycamore Twig Whistle
James Watson-You are What You Think! (Bows pt II)
Daisy May-The Wild Gourmets Book Review
Ian Nairn-Make a Folding Bucksaw
From Afghanistan to Derbyshire
Grant Neale-Insect Repellents 
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Yarrow
Becci Coombes-Wildwood Bushcraft Course Review
Jeremy Hastings-Spring Gifts
Dave Watson-Finding Tinder & Kindling in the Wet
What Knot? Figure of Eight Through Knot (Loop)
Top Tip-Fire Precautions
Marcus Harrison-Among the Lion’s Teeth (Dandelions)
Chris Salisbury-Snakes alive!
Annette Stickler-The Solo Woman Traveller
Chris Holland-Bushcraft & the Sense of Direction
George Thompson-Making a Bullroarer
Fi Bird-Summer Food Safety (& Elderflower Recipes)
Chris Holland-Waterhole Wander


Dave Budd-Sharpening pt II
Andrew Price-Summer Shelter
Ray Mears Goes Walkabout Series Review
What Knot/ Uni Knot
Andrew Price-Paiute (Dead Fall) Trap
Chris Salisbury-Hotter Than July…
Grant Neale-Water Purifiers/ Filters
Women in the Wild-Women With an Axe to Grind
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Nettle
Fi Bird-Cherries & Berries
George Thompson-Make a Survival Tin!
Dave Watson-Pump Drill Firelighting
James Watson-Stone Me! (Sling Shot)
Marcus Harrison-Nettles (with recipes)
It’s a Sunny Day!
Paul O’Conner-Bushcraft on the TV
Chris Holland-First Aid Role Play
Hot, Hot,Hot! (Sun Protection)
Jonathon Simons-Tracking…
Daniel Grainger-Basic Survival
Jeremy Hastings-Summer Camp Midnight Fun
Chris Holland-A Model Camp Fire


Dave Budd-UK Knife Law
Selecting a Canadian Canoe
Andrew Price-Spring Release Traps
Chris Salisbury-Nature’s Olympians (Salmon etc)
What Knot? Sheet Bend
Bob Jenkins-Charcloth Wick
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Clover
Jack Burgess-Mushrooming Without Fear Book Review
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt I 
Dave Watson-Fire Steel Stages of Competence
James Watson-A So Call Weed, Plantain
Marcus Harrison-It’s Porkie time (Hogweed)
Rewilding, For & Against?
Annette Stickler-Stella Marsden CBE, a Tribute
Jonathan Simons-All Sense & no Feeling?
Fi Bird-Chanterelle
George Thompson-Make a Catapult


Dave Budd-Winter Tool Care
Dave Watson-The Classic Bow Drill
Aussie Swag Review
Ray Mears Vanishing World Review
Annette Stickler-Concrete Jungle Survival
Chris Salisbury-day Turns to Night
Jonathan Simons-Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Winter Wonderland
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Reedmace
George Thompson-Making a Hedgehog House
John Rhyder-Looking After the Land
How to Make a Nest Box
Marcus Harrison-On a Cold & Frosty Morning
Andrew Price-Location, location, location (trapping)
Grant Neale-Handmade Knife Review
Lisa Fenton-Tickling a Trout
Marine Mammal Medic
Fi Bird-Hazelnuts & Rosehips
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt II, French Arrow Throwing
What Knot? Flemish Knot


Dave Budd-What to Look For in a Handmade Knife
John Rhyder-How to Cut Wood
James Watson-Adhere to Nature (Hide Glue)
Grant Neale-Cooking Without a Fire (Stove Review)
A New Prospect-ive
Andrew Price-The Figure 4 Deadfall Trap
Ian Nairn-The Woolen Top
Jonathan Simons-Tools of the (Tracking) Trade
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Willow
Andrew Price-Damascene Knife Making
Jeremy Hastings-Winter Was Drawing to an End
Marcus Harrison-Tea For Two
What Knot? Double Fishermans
Field Guide to Tracking Animals in the Snow Review
Use Your Nod!
Chris Salisbury-A new Years Treat
Chris & Elizabeth Irwin-Baby Carrier Review
Annette Stickler-Snow Woman (Telemark)
Natures Hardware Store-Hide
Fi Bird-Venison Meatballs With Lemon & Thyme
George Thompson-How to Make a Paracord Bracelet
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt III


Dave Budd-Emperor’s New Clothes (making a new sheath)
What Knot? Rolling Hitch
Hedgerow Medicine (book review)
Dave Watson -Leave no Trace
Hammock Review
Spring Clean
Andrew Price-Survival Fishing Kit
Jonathan Simons-Show me a sign
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Oak
GVI Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Expedition (review)
George Thompson-Try a ‘Try’ Stick (pt I)
Marcus Harrison-Coffee mate? (Coffee and Alternatives)
John Rhyder-It’s Child’s Play
James Watson-No Space for Boredom (Jerky)
Lisa Fenton-between Two Worlds
Leather Pouches
Annette Stickler-On the High Trail by Horse Tail
Chris Salisbury-Spring Fever!
Fi Bird-Crystallised Violets
Jeremy Hastings-The Search…(pt I)
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt IV


Dave Budd-How to Make a Knife
Willow Wood
What Knot? The Palomar
Survival Handbook (In Association with) The Royal Marines Review
Ian Maxwell  (interview)
Ian Nairn-Budget lighting 
Bear Grylls-Face to Face
James Watson-A Sharp Knife is Worth Less Than Knowledge (Primitive Tools)
Thomas Shorr-Kon-Meadowsweet
Jonathan Simons-Why, oh Why, Delilha! (Tracking Tips)
Graham Rideal-In Canada With Ray Mears (Red Nose Day)
George Thompson ‘Try’ Stick (pt II)
Marcus Harrison-What Not to Eat!
John Rhyder-Minimal Impact Around Camp
Claire Knifton-Open Canoes-What’s Out There?
Dave Watson-Carrying a Coal
Keeping a Cool Head Hat Review
Joe O’Leary-The Journey is More Important Than the Destination
Andrew Price-Hobo Fishing
Grant Neale-When You Can’t have a Fire, How do You Cook? (Stove Review)
Annette Stickler-A Day in the Life of a Deer Lady…
Chris Salisbury-Wings of Desire
Jeremy Hastings-The Search…(pt II)
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt V-Relay


Dave Budd-Splitting Firewood pt I
John Rhyder-The Simple Bark Quiver
Jonathan Simons-Stalking…Horses? (Stealth)
Dave Watson-Fire by Friction With Children
The Woodland Edge Firebox & Storm Kettle Reviews
A New Look at the Survival Tin
Ian Nairn-Billy Cans
James Watson-Your Flexible Friend (Flexible Bow)
Grant Neale-Binocular Review
Annette Stickler-The Wicker Woman (& DIY Project)
Chris Salisbury-Under the Greenwood tree
Ian Nairn-Wilderness Survival Skills Hide Working Course Review
Fraser Christian-Smoking Fish
What Knot? The Water Knot
The Woodland Year, The Woodland Way & The Woodland House Book Review
What’s Bear Really Like? (Q&A)
Joe O’Leary-Maps
Andrew Price-Fishing With the Deadly Dead Line
Chris James-Antler
See For Yourself-Sunglasses & UV Clothing
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Comfrey
Jo Scholfield & Fiona Danks-DIY Camping
George Thompson-Make a Nautical Knot Board
Chris Holland-Woodland Olympics pt VI


Dave Budd-Splitting Firewood pt II
John Rhyder-Folded Bark Project
What Knot? The Constrictor Knot
Go Wild! & Places to Hide Book Reviews
Fraser Christian-Easy Shellfish Forage
Grant Neale-Rucksacks
Andrew Price-Kayak Fishing
Chris James-Air
Patrick Fulton-Living in the Trees
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Marigold
Fi Bird-Mushrooms
Chris Irwin-Gilwell 24
George Thompson-Blackberries! (and Homemade Berry picker)
Fergus Drennan-Fungi as Food
What type of Bushcrafter are you?
Jonathan Simons-The Light Fantastic
Dave Watson-Advanced Class Bow drill
Joe O’Leary-Using Your Map
Ian Nairn-The Tin Can Stove
Have I Found the Perfect Sleeping Setup?
Claire Knifton-Open Canoes-The Final Test
Annette Stickler-A Lady With a Quiver
Chris Salisbury-The Show Must go on! (Early Autumn)
Jo Scholfield & Fiona Danks-Fun Cooking on an Open Fire
Chris Holland-Soaring Eagles


Fergus Drennan-Winter Salads
Clair Hobson-Bushcraft & Forest Schools, the Classroom Without Walls
Dave Budd-Re-handling an Axe
Words of Wisdom-Bear Grylls
Real Tree, Fake Tree-You Decide
Grant Neale-The Best in Ventile Jackets
Andrew Price-Hunting with an Air Rifle
Chris Salisbury-The Transition
Ian Nairn-Boil in the Bag Meals
Luca Parrella-How to Build a Roundhouse Like the Ancient Britons
Annette Stickler-A Tribute to Marilyn Bailey
Patricia McCormack-Birthday Celebrations in the Wilderness
John Rhyder-Pot Hangers (Fire Crane & Wagon Stick)
What Knot? The Alpine Butterfly
Jonanthan Simons-That is the Question!
Dave Watson-Strap Drill
Fraser Christian-Catching & Trapping Fish & Shellfish
Lindsey Dearnley-A picture is Worth a 1000 Words
Jack Burgess- A-Z Bushcraft, Wildwise The Art of Fire & I Love my World Book/ DVD Review
Christmas Gift ideas
Thomas Schorr-Kon-A Rose by any Other Name
Grant Neale-Merino Wool, What did we do Without it?
George Thompson-Wreaths
Fi Bird-Chestnuts
Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield-Natural Missile Launchers
Outdoor Learning (Cool Crafts)


Fergus Drennan-Road Kill
A Dummies Guide to Choosing a Bushcraft Knife
Jonathan Simons-Ice Station Zebra (Wolf Tracking)
Northern Wilderness, Bushcraft & Survival vol 8 & The Poachers Handbook & Cookbook Reviews
Grant Neale-Sleeping & Bivi Bags
Fraser Christian-Seaweeds (Algae) Forages & Uses
Ian Nairn-Budget Bladder
Annette Stickler-The Lady of the Woods (Silver Birch Tree)
Tristan Gooley-Using the Sun pt II
Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield-Snowy Secrets
Grant Neale-Bushcraft Footwear
John Rhyder-Back-Country Cooking (DIY Ovens etc)
What Knot? The Snell
Perry McGee-Words of Wisdom
Nic Westerman-Char Cloth
Rawdon O’Conner-Tracking in Bear Country
Andrew Price-The Catapult a s a Hunting Tool
Pablo-No Business Like Snow Business
Jason Ingamells-Carve your Own Spoon
Thomas Schorr-Kon-Coltsfoot
Ian Cresswell-Desert Survival
Fi Bird-Seaweed
Your Favourite Tree (and how to Gauge it’s Age/ Height)


Fergus Drennan-The Sap’s Rising
Dave Budd-What Saw?
Pablo-Badger Watching Battles
Nick Westerman-Striking a Spark

Ben Fogle the Adventurer 

Jason Ingamells-Building a Raised bed for Your Shelter

Fraser Christian-Some Shore Food Plants

Grant Neale-Handmade Knives

Fi Glover-Spring Fayre

Thomas Schorr-Kon-Cedar

Andrew Price-Tanning small pelts

George Thompson-Natural Easter eggs

John Rhyder-Ultimate Ash Bow

David Fairclough-Earthquake Survival

Lost Crafts, The Armchair Naturalist & the Badgers & Beeches & Blisters Book Reviews

James Cale-Outdoor Digital Cameras

Words of Wisdom-Mors Kochanski

Ian Nairn-April Showers (Poncho)

Annette Stickler-Woman of the Lake

Jonathan Simons-Stick in the Mud

Tristan Gooley-The Night Sky pt I

Fiona Danks & Jo Scholfield-Fishing for Your Supper

A Rotten Log


John Rhyder-Testing the Ultimate Ash Bow
Ben & Lois Orford-The Crooked Blade (& Sharpening Technique)
Pablo-Find the Fallow
Joe O’Leary-Long Term Shelters

Who Needs GPS? (& GPS Review)

Camp Fires

Fraser Christian-Coastal Survival kit bag 

Jason Ingamells-Building a Woodland Table, Chair & Withies

Alternative Accomodation (The Bell Tent)

Dan Carpenter-Not Just a Day in the Woods (Native Skills Course Review)

Fiona Banks & Jo Schofield-Not Just Another Sand Castle 

Fergus Drennan-The Art of Meristem Recognition (Picking Food at it’s Best Stage of Growth)

Hunting for Wild Honey

Andrew Price-Words of Wisdom

Dustin James-Fire by Compression (Fire Piston)

The Natural Navigator & 101 Things to Make & do Outdoors Book reviews

Ian Nairn-Budget Food on your Plate (Pigeon)

Jonathan Simons-Here Kitty, Kitty

Annette Stickler-My Home in the Wild (& Rabbit Snares)

Tristan Gooley-The Night Sky pt II

George Thompson-Bee Nest
Why do Trees Have Bark?


Fergus Drennan-Wild Summer Fruits
Ben & Lois Orford-How to Make a Simple Sharpening System
Ian Maxwell-Words of Wisdom (Energy Matching)
Eleanor Hayman Bushcraft & a Reappraisal of Cave Art 

50 Ways to use Your Hat

Grant Neale-Pacing the Duration (Larger Pack review)

Ian Nairn-Budget Fire Boxes

Jason Ingamells-A Burnt-Out Cup

Portable Power (Mobile Phone apps, Accessories etc)

Tristan Gooley-Use the Trees to Navigate

Cave Art Communications

Natures Toys, A Magical Imagination 

Dustin James-How to Make Charboard

David Craze-How to Make a Dutch Oven (& Recipes)

Pablo-Darting Dragons & Dainty Damsels

The Camp Fire Tent

Living for Tomorrow, Fishing on the Front Line & Bambi & me Book Reviews

Fraser Christian-Salting, Preserving, Pickling

Jonathan Simons-Footsteps through Time

Annette Stickler-Fly Fishing Lady

Mike Aston-A Tracking Journey (Tracks 4 Life Course Review)

George Thompson-Slide Whistle


Fergus Drennan-Late Summer, Early Autumn Salad
John Rhyder-Making the Ultimate Bow
Ben and Lois Orford-Processing Wood With an Axe
Pablo-Stuck in a Rut

David Craze-Caring For Your Dutch Oven

Annette Stickler-The Ancient Craft of Spinning

Grant Neale-Pocket Saw Review

Fraser Christian-Coast Hunter

Annette Stickler-Natures own Climbing Frame

Pablo-Ju/ Hoansi Hunter Gatherers

George Thompson-A cutting Edge

Ian Nairn-Budget Bling

Clair Hobson/ Scott Woolsgrove-Words of Wisdom

The Complete book of Fire & Last Child in the Woods Book Review 

Anne Young/ Mark Clark-H M Coastguard

Jonathan Simons-Getting Plastered

Jason Ingamells-A Kitchen Camp Workshop

Base camp beds

Tristan Gooley-the Truth About Moss


Fergus Drennan-Magic Mushcrooms
Ben/ Lois Orford-Making a Tent Peg
John Rhyder-Tillering
Words of Wisdom-Eddie McGee

Jane Renshaw-Dyeing the Natural Way

Kari Poppis Suomela-Multi-tool Review

Ian Nairn-Budget Belt Pouch

Jason Ingamells-Simple Kitchen Utensils

Pablo-Meet the Muntjac

Ben & Lois Orford-A Room With a Loo

Tristan Gooley-The Fickle moon

George Thompson-’Junior’ Bushcraft Knife Review 

Dale Collett-Floating Hand Drill Technique

Bushcraft Wedded Bliss

Russell S. Bowles-How to make Your Own Bushcraft Knife

Bushcrafty Christmas Gifts

Fraser Christian-Medicinal Plants Along the Coast

Emma Hampton-The History of the Spork

Annette Stickler-Felt Making

Jonathan Simons-A Tracker’s ChristmasTale

The Wilderness Survival Guide & The Tracking Handbook Review


Fergus Drennan-Wild Literature (Wild Food Related Books)
Ben & Lois Orford-An Axe to Grind (Axe Sharpening)
Ian Maxwell-Call of the Wild
Emma Hampton-Survival of the Fittest

Simon Ellar-Winter Time (Watch Review)

Survive! Tree Craft & I Love Dirt Book Reviews

Ian Nairn-Budget Bush shirt pt I

Jason Ingamells-Building a Rucksack Frame

Annette Stickler-Warm Memories of the Artic 

Jonathan Simons-Walk on by! (Structure of Feet)

Dale Collett-Fire Plough

John Rhyder-Bone & Antler Work

Pablo-Stalking a Squirrel

Dave Craze-More Dutch Oven Cooking (& Recipes)

Fraser Christian-Rod & Line Fishing for Food

Kaktus H20 Rain collecting device/ Jompy Water Boiler (purifier) Reviews

A New Frontier (Stove) Review

Simon King Article

Tristan Gooley-The Wind & Clouds

The magazine article blog page from issue 31-60 can be found here.

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