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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Mag Article List (issues 26-50)

I have all the Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine issues and it became harder and harder to find a specific article quickly. I therefore started out on a labour of love and listed the articles by issue. I've divided the blogs up into 25 issues per page with the article reference blog page for issues 1-25  hereissues 51-75  here and issues 76-100 (when reached) hereAnything in bold type is an letter, article or related content to myself.

If you spot an error etc do let me know please. 


John Rhyder-Testing the Ultimate Ash Bow
Ben & Lois Orford-The Crooked Blade (& Sharpening Technique)
Pablo-Find the Fallow
Joe O’Leary-Long Term Shelters
Who Needs GPS? (& GPS Review)
Camp Fires
Fraser Christian-Coastal Survival Kit Bag 
Jason Ingamells-Building a Woodland Table, Chair & Withies
Alternative Accomodation (The Bell Tent)
Dan Carpenter-Not Just a Day in the Woods (Native Skills Course Review)
Fiona Banks & Jo Schofield-Not Just Another Sand Castle 
Fergus Drennan-The Art of Meristem Recognition (Picking Food at it’s Best Stage of Growth)
Hunting for Wild Honey
Andrew Price-Words of Wisdom
Dustin James-Fire by Compression (Fire Piston)
The Natural Navigator & 101 Things to Make & do Outdoors Book reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget Food on your Plate (Pigeon)
Jonathan Simons-Here Kitty, Kitty
Annette Stickler-My Home in the Wild (& Rabbit Snares)
Tristan Gooley-The Night Sky pt II
George Thompson-Bee Nest
Why do Trees Have Bark?


Fergus Drennan-Wild Summer Fruits
Ben & Lois Orford-How to Make a Simple Sharpening System
Ian Maxwell-Words of Wisdom (Energy Matching)
Eleanor Hayman Bushcraft & a Reappraisal of Cave Art 
50 Ways to UseYour Hat
Grant Neale-Pacing the Duration (Larger Pack review)
Ian Nairn-Budget Fire Boxes
Jason Ingamells-A Burnt-Out Cup
Portable Power (Mobile Phone apps, Accessories etc)
Tristan Gooley-Use the Trees to Navigate
Cave Art Communications
Natures Toys, A Magical Imagination 
Dustin James-How to Make Charboard
Dave Craze-How to Make a Dutch Oven (& Recipes)
Pablo-Darting Dragons & Dainty Damsels
The Camp Fire Tent
Living for Tomorrow, Fishing on the Front Line & Bambi & me Book Reviews
Fraser Christian-Salting, Preserving, Pickling
Jonathan Simons-Footsteps through Time
Annette Stickler-Fly Fishing Lady
Mike Aston-A Tracking Journey (Tracks 4 Life Course Review)
George Thompson-Slide Whistle


Fergus Drennan-Late Summer, Early Autumn Salad
John Rhyder-Making the Ultimate Bow
Ben & Lois Orford-Processing Wood With an Axe
Pablo-Stuck in a Rut
Dave Craze-Caring For Your Dutch Oven
Annette Stickler-The Ancient Craft of Spinning
Grant Neale-Pocket Saw Review
Fraser Christian-Coast Hunter
Annette Stickler-Natures own Climbing Frame
Pablo-Ju/ Hoansi Hunter Gatherers
George Thompson-A cutting Edge
Ian Nairn-Budget Bling
Clair Hobson/ Scott Woolsgrove-Words of Wisdom
The Complete book of Fire & Last Child in the Woods Book Review 
Anne Young/ Mark Clark-H M Coastguard
Jonathan Simons-Getting Plastered
Jason Ingamells-A Kitchen Camp Workshop
Base camp beds
Tristan Gooley-the Truth About Moss


Fergus Drennan-Magic Mushcrooms
Ben/ Lois Orford-Making a Tent Peg
John Rhyder-Tillering
Words of Wisdom-Eddie McGee
Jane Renshaw-Dyeing the Natural Way
Kari Poppis Suomela-Multi-tool Review
Ian Nairn-Budget Belt Pouch
Jason Ingamells-Simple Kitchen Utensils
Pablo-Meet the Muntjac
Ben & Lois Orford-A Room With a Loo
Tristan Gooley-The Fickle moon
George Thompson-’Junior’ Bushcraft Knife Review 
Dale Collett-Floating Hand Drill Technique
Bushcraft Wedded Bliss
Russell S. Bowles-How to make Your Own Bushcraft Knife
Bushcrafty Christmas Gifts
Fraser Christian-Medicinal Plants Along the Coast
Emma Hampton-The History of the Spork
Annette Stickler-Felt Making
Jonathan Simons-A Tracker’s ChristmasTale
The Wilderness Survival Guide & The Tracking Handbook Review


Fergus Drennan-Wild Literature (Wild Food Related Books)
Ben & Lois Orford-An Axe to Grind (Axe Sharpening)
Ian Maxwell-Call of the Wild
Emma Hampton-Survival of the Fittest
Simon Ellar-Winter Time (Watch Review)
Survive! Tree Craft & I Love Dirt Book Reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget Bush shirt pt I
Jason Ingamells-Building a Rucksack Frame
Annette Stickler-Warm Memories of the Artic 
Jonathan Simons-Walk on by! (Structure of Feet)
Dale Collett-Fire Plough
John Rhyder-Bone & Antler Work
Pablo-Stalking a Squirrel
Dave Craze-More Dutch Oven Cooking (& Recipes)
Fraser Christian-Rod & Line Fishing for Food
Kaktus H20 Rain collecting device/ Jompy Water Boiler (purifier) Reviews
A New Frontier (Stove) Review
Simon King Article
Tristan Gooley-The Wind & Clouds


Fergus Drennan-Working on Your Glutes (& Recipes)
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Work Horse
Pablo-Hare Today Gone Tomorrow
Emma Hampton-…Next to Godliness (Personal Hygiene)
Fraser Christian-Fishing With Gill Nets (& How to Make)
Ian Nairn-Budget Bush Shirt pt II
Ben McNutt-Words of Wisdom
Jason Ingamells-Make your own Leather Drinking Vessel (With Template)
About Best in Bushcraft 2010
The Wilderness Camp
Harry Hazeldean-Coastal Foraging with David Bellamy OBE & Laver Bread Recipe
Dale Collett-Rattan Fire Thong
John Rhyder-Identifying the raw material (Tree id)
Perry McGee-Tracking Tales From Africa
Grant Neale-Which Cookset Does the Best English Breakfast? Review
Roundwood Timber Framing & The Little Book of Whittling Book Reviews
Annette Stickler-How do Wild Animals Heal Themselves?
Dave Craze-Ronnie’s Venison with Red Wine Stew & Damper Bread
More time (Watch Review pt II)
Tristan Gooley-Lichens


Fergus Drennan-The irrepressible Dandelion
Jason Ingamells-Make your own basket
Ben and Lois Orford-Making a bowl
Pablo-Feathering their nests
Ben McNutt-The haunts and feeding habits of fish
Emma Hampton-First aid essentials, what are you packing?
Dale Collett-Drying a wet fire by friction set
Zoe Todd-Ronnie’s run rabbit stew
Grant Neale-Mid layer bush shirt reviews
Ian Maxwell-Snakes unsprung
The trappers bible (DaleMartin), Hawke’s Green Beret survival manual/ handbook (Myke Hawke) ,SWC knife DVD reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget tarp reviews
Cath Harris-The Country Bumpkin
Annette Stickler-Life on the open road
Russell Bowles-Archie Grey Owl
Tristan Gooley-The shape of the land
NEC Outdoor Show stand review
Gerber/ Bear Grylls Survival Series
Fraser Christian-The beach oven
Harry Hazeldean-Hot smoking bag


Fergus Drennan-Wild and random (plant salts, sandhoppers etc)
Jason Ingamells-Carving a ladle
Ben and Lois Orford-Making a shaving horse
Pablo-Roe deer
Ben McNutt-Advanced weatherlore
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag pt I
Dale Collett-The multitrap 
Pablo-The trouble with ticks
Dave Craze-Slow roast venison tortillas
Emma Hampton-Get well soon
Ian Nairn-Machete review
Ian Maxwell-Trial by torture
The private life of Adders (Roger McPhail) and Run wild! Outdoor games and adventures (Fi Danks and Jo Schofield) book reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget dry bags
Steve Backshall interview
Annette Stickler-A personal insight into Native American crafts
Frasier Christian-Catching and cooking crabs
The Bushcraft Show 2011 roundup
Simon Ellar-Firesteel review
Harry Hazeldean-Carving a wood spirit
Tristan Gooley-The planets


Fergus Drennan-Seaweed, Hawthorn, Crab apple, Plantain, Plantain article
Ben and Lois Orford-Spatulas and spoons
Jason Ingamells-How to make a sling shot (catapult)
Pablo-‘Owt’ with the Owls
Ben McNutt-Throwing the right hook (lure making)
Dave Craze-Stout and fruit soda bread
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (ptII)
Dale Collett-The heat log
Emma Hampton-Natural first aid and improvisation 
Ian Nairn-Premium machete review
Simon Ellar-Lofty Wiseman interview
Duncan Clark-Survival instructor award
Mud, sweat and tears (Bear Grylls) and instant expert (Simon Ellar) book reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget fishing
Annette Stickler-A life as a Samburu woman
Frasier Christian-Shellfish
Grant Neale-Micro LED torch review
Olivia Beardsmore-Three generations in the woods (Wilderness Survival Skills)
Harry Hazeldean-Carving a (wooden) knife
Tristan Gooley-The animals


Jason Ingamells-Campfire furniture
Ben and Lois Orford-The Mocotaugan (crook knife)
Pablo-Taking note(s) of nature
Ben McNutt-Catch my drift (snow shelters)
Christmas bushcraft gifts
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (ptIII)
Dale Collett-The Lester spear
Fraser Christian-Water, water ,everywhere (solar still, distillation etc)
Ian Nairn-Machete review special edition
Grant Neale-Hand made knife review
Ian Nairn-Budget bushcraft wedding
Dave Craze-Dutch oven Christmas dinner and winter storage
Lofty Wiseman-Survival, a fight of the mind
Collins Gem-Stars (Ian Ridpath), The survival retreat (Ragner Benson) and The Dutch oven Cookbook (Jason Ingamells and Kevan Palmer) book reviews
Perry McGee-Tracking, Survival and the use of glow sticks
Joe O’Leary-Info about getting permission to use land advice
Richard Lees-Cracking bracken
Simon Ellar-Coastal Survival course review
Annette Stickler-Reindeer are for life, not just for Christmas
Harry Hazeldean-Making a candle holder


Jason Ingamells-Ribbed framed basket
Joe O’Leary-Advanced long term shelter building (pt I)
Pablo-Urban Fox
Fergus Drennan-pull out four recipe card
Emma Hampton-Always take the weather with you
Russell S. Bowles-Tracking Tigers (Jim Corbett story)
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (pt IV)
Scott Griffiths-Bushcraft croquet
Fraser Christian-Sea kayaking
Happy people-A year in Taiga, Mushrooming with confidence (Alexander Schweb) book and DVD review
Grant Neale-Pack axe review
Dave Craze-Squashed & Stuffed recipe
Simon Ellar/ Jason Ingamells-Sahara expedition (behind the scenes)
Nick Winder-Who are you going to call? (Mountain rescue article)
Lofty Wiseman-Hypothermia
Perry McGee-In my Fathers footsteps (Oman Wadi tracking)
Ben and Lois Orford-Make the most of your machete
Ian Nairn-Budget mitts and insoles
George Thompson-Magic of the wood (Norwegian woodworking)
Annette Stickler-Not just for women! (cycles)
Harry Hazeldean-Making a key ring


Kevan Palmer-Coil basketry
Joe O’Leary-Advanced long term shelter building (pt II)
Pablo-Seeing in the dark
Ben and Lois Orford-Bushcraft knife spring clean
Russell S. Bowles-Choosing binoculars
Dave Watson- The woodland recliner chair
Pablo-Bushcraft and the law. Pt I, knife law
Frasier Christian-Spear Fishing
Foraging Self Sufficiency (David Squire) & Moonlighting (Michael Brown) book reviews
Sharpening systems
Bear Grylls/ Gerber range review
Ian Nairn-Budget ice spikes
Lofty Wiseman-Handling a survival situation
Dave Craze-Dutch oven Wood Pigeon Pie
Perry McGee-Basic tracking in water
Annette Stickler-Life as an Iron Age woman
Harry Hazeldean-Making a mini canoe
Best in Bushcraft-About the winners
Dale Collett-Bow drill cord
Paul Wolferstein-Perry McGee tracking course review
Fergus Drennan-Sea Beet and Rapeseed sauerkraut 


Jason Ingamells-Making your own hook
Ben and Lois Orford-Modify your Mora pt I 
Joe O’Leary-Moccasin boot hybrids
The Stick book (Jo Schofield & Fi Danks), Big cats, Britain’s wild predators (Rick Minter), Eat the beach (Frasier Christian), Survivability of the common man (Dave Canterbury) book reviews
Pablo-Coniferous woodland
Ian Nairn-Budget fire irons
Dave Craze-Dutch oven belly breakfast
Frasier Christian-Making and using a fish trap
Ben and Lois Orford-bench stone review
Mark Hordon-Tinder...time for a new vocabulary
Pablo-Bushcraft and the law pt II, trespass
Lofty Wiseman-Jungle or the green Hell
Perry McGee-Uses of the stinging nettle
Grant Neale-Desert boot review
Ian Cresswell-Throwing arrows
George Thompson-A room with a view (bell tent)
Austin Lill-Paracord Knitting


Jason Ingamells-Carving a Welsh love spoon
Ben and Lois Orford-Modify your Mora pt II (sheath)
Joe O’Leary-Primitive packs
SAS guide to combat (Robert Stirling) & The Paras fitness flick book (Maj. Sam McGrath) reviews
Pablo-There’s a rat in me garden
The Bushcraft Show 2012
Frasier Christian-Making a raft
Grant Neale-Survival kit review
Simon Ellar-Interview with Survivorman
Woodland Olympics
Ian Nairn-Budget cargo kit
Perry McGee-Being prepared to track
Lofty Wiseman-Deserts
Ian Nairn Hammock review ptI
Frasier Christian-Improved fishing hooks


Simon Ellar-The biggest handmade axe in the world ever?
Ben and Lois Orford-How to get the best from your waterstone
Lofty Wiseman-Venomous snakes
Pablo-Lowland Heathland
Fergus Drennan-How to be a successful forager
Grant Neale-Bushcraft trouser review
Jason Ingamells-So you want to be a bushcraft instructor?
Dave Watson-Lime bast cordage
Ian Nairn-Budget fire lighters
Joe O’Leary-The survival tin that nature provides
Grant Neale-The 72 hour kit
Jonathon Ridgeon-How to weave a wicker basket
Ian Nairn-Hammock review ptII
Best in Bushcraft 2012
Perry McGee-Tracking Zebra
The second meadow (Archie Hill) and Abandoned-A novel of survival (Maj. Sam McGrath) book reviews
An Introduction to Paul Kirtley


Richard Lees-Forgotten food (Arum, Bracken, Marsh Woundwort, Grey Club Rush)
Ben and Lois Orford-Making and fitting an axe handle  
Lofty Wiseman-Crash management
Pablo-Winter Wildlife Wonderland
Paul Kirtley-Lean-To Surviving a winter’s night in the Northern forest
Warm coat review
Jason Ingamells-Making your own Birch tar
Ideas for a bushcrafty Christmas
Clarissa Dickson and Johnny Scott-Christmas Game (pheasant and venison)
Joe O’Leary-Making a hat for winter
Perry McGee-Surviving blizzard conditions in your car
Dan Puplett-Wolf and Lynx Tracking in Slovakia
Ian Nairn-Buckskin moccasin workshop (Joe O’Leary course)
Grant Neale-Handmade wooden catapult review
Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks Having fun with ice (ice sculptures etc)
Extreme Survivors (Jack Burgess) and The Outdoor Classroom (Hilary Harriman) Book Reviews


Richard Lees-Instant botany ptI (rush, sedge, grasses etc)
Ben and Lois Orford-Axe apps (different axes and uses)
Lofty Wiseman-From one extreme to another
Pablo-A visit to meadowland
Perry McGee-Emergency and rescue and tracking tips
Fi Bird-Carrot and clover cake,poached egg and nettle purée recipes
Andy Childs-Picture perfect ptII (camera control)
Jason Ingamells-Making your own kuksa cup
Grant Neale-Swag bag review
John Ridgeon-Birch bark tray
Into The Wild (Jon Krakuer) and the Wild Weather Book (Fi Danks and Jo Scholfield) book reviews
Paul Kirtley-Getting to grips with the hand drill
Tim Gent-Canoe camping, what to take
Ian Nairn-Budget (gas stove) Wind Shield


Richard Lees-Bows, the British and the Bowyer (ash bow making)
My magazine article Reference Letter and the Outdoor Adventure Manual news Feature
Ben and Lois Orford-Sharp Thinking (Stone Alternatives for Knife Sharpening)
Lofty Wiseman-An amazing experience (Borneo)
Pablo-Tales of the riverbank (Water Voles)
Paul Kirtley-Five survival plants
Wendy Fox-Ticks:Vampires or a piece of natural jigsaw?
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt I-Cameras & equipment
Jason Ingamells-Make a Birch Bark Container
Simon Ellar-Tipi or no Tipi? (Product review)
Olivia Beardsmore-Life Changing Expedition (Woodland Ways Massai trip)
Ian Nairn-Budget Head Over
Perry McGee-More top Tracking Games & Exercises
Best in Bushcraft awards 2012 results
Jo Schofield & Fi Danks-Making a rustic garden chair
The Long Walk (Slavomir Rawicz) & Primitive Technology (Jack Burgess) Book Reviews


Richard Lees-Instant botany pt I (rush, sedge, grass, cattail, arum, orchid, lily, arrowhead)
Ben and Lois Orford-Axe apps
Lofty Wiseman-One extreme to another
Pablo-A visit to the meadowland
Perry McGee-Emergency and rescue tracking tips
Meet the wild couple (Mykel Hawke and Ruth England)
Fi Bird-Carrot & clover cake, poached egg & nettle puree recipes
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt II (camera control)
Jason Ingamells-Making a kuksa cup
Grant Neale –Swag bag reviews
Jon Ridgeon-A birch bark tray
Into the wild (Jan Krakauer) and The wild weather book (Fi Danks & Jo Schofield) Book Review
Paul Kirtley-Getting to grips with the hand drill
Tim Gent-Canoe camping-What to take
Ian Nairn-Budget wind shield (and crusader mug lid)


Richard Lees-Instant botany pt II (buttercup, birch, beech, willow, spurge, mint, aster & parsley family)
Ben & Lois Orford-A saw subject (different saw types & usage)
Lofty Wiseman-Introducing Dr. Wiseman
Greenwood crafts (Crowood press), Canoeing (Ray Goodwin), The Outdoor Manual (Haynes) book reviews
Pablo-A batty kind of mammal
Perry McGee-Tracking strategy Planning (TSP) Florida style
Ian Nairn-Budget knife (from a circular saw blade)
Fi Bird-The foragers kitchen (Honeysuckle & Sorrel sorbet)
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt III-Building a picture
Jason Ingamells-A variety of cooking cranes
Paul Kirtley-Finding your way without map or compass
Ben & Lois Orford-Knives from around the world
Bushcraft show 2013 review
Austin Lill-Frontier Bushcraft 3 day course review
Tim Gent-Canoe camping-How to take it all
Fi Danks & Jo Schofield-Boats & Rafts


Richard Lees-Medicinal molecular marvels
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Motaugan Handle
Making a difference to the Massai (Woodland Ways)
Lofty Wiseman-meeting Old Friends
Pablo-Trail Cameras
Fi Bird-The Foragers Kitchen (Hazelnuts, Douglas Fir)
Ian Nairn-Budget Arm Protection
Andy Childs-Picture Perfect pt IV Creative Photography
Book Review Wild Swimming (Daniel Start), Wild Side-Devon, Cornwall the South West  (Daniel Start, Tania Pascoe & Joanna Keeling,  Children Learning Outside the Classroom: From Birth To Eleven (Sue Waite) and Forest School & Outdoor Learning in the Early Years (Sara Knight)
Paul Kirtley-Fantastic Feathersticks
Tim Gent-Canoe Foraging
Jason Ingamells-Making Your Own Atlatl
Perry McGee-Simple Steps To Basic Tracking (with powders and dust)
Fi Danks & Jo Schofield-Natures Pigments


Richard Lees-Healthy Hedgerows, Healthy Humans (self heal, bugle, ground ivy, wood avens, wood spurge, nettle, hedge woundwort ,cleavers, elderberries…
Jon Ridegon-Crook Knife Case Tutorial
Lofty Wiseman-Just Another Day
Pablo-Tracking of the Human (The mystery of the missing man)
Paul Kirtley-How To Live In A Heated Tent
Ian Nairn-Budget Leather Coin Purse
Jason Ingamells-Making Your Swiss Arrow
Pablo-Winter Wildlife
The Woodland Way (Ben Law) and My Outdoor Life (Ray Mears) Book Reviews
Tim Gent-Sapmi
Grant Neale-Hand-Held Torch Review
Ben & Lois Orford-How To Split Wood With a Knife
The Joy of Burning Wood (and burning guide)
Fi Danks and Jo Schofield-Wild Trails


Ben and Lois Orford-The essential knife guide
Fergus Drennan-Winter foraging (oysters, seaweed,sea buckthorn, fungus, wild garlic)
Geoff Allen-Inspired by a book…(Otzi)
Pablo-Nature’s calendar (January and February)
Lofty Wiseman-A rabbit too far
Paul Kirtley-A framework (applying your skills to a survival situation)
Ian Nairn-Budget leather water bottle
Jason Ingamells-Make your own grass mat
Tim Gent-Coldwater canoeing
Milbank bags to the rescue
Jon Ridegon-Ammo box stove
Perry McGee-Tracking orangutan in the rainforest
Grant Neale-How air guns can complement your skills
Best in Bushcraft award winners
Winter detectives (tracking)


Ben and Lois Orford-Make a mobile chopping block
Marcus Harrison-Spring shoots, superb soups (nettles, ramsons and recipes)
Simon Ellar-Wind, rain and fire (Kestrel ventile clothing review)
Lofty Wiseman-Apprenticeship
Pablo-Natures calendar (March and April)
Project Wild Thing-Meet the marketing director for nature
Paul Kirtley-Join the route to mastery
Ian Nairn-Budget leather backed book
Jason Ingamells-Making your own net
The Wild Life: A Year Living on Wild Food (John Lewis Stempel) and Wildwood Wisdom (Ellesworth Jaeger) book reviews
Tim Gent-Choosing a canoe
Jon Ridgeon-Making a large Mortar and Pestle
Simon Ellar-Stoves under canvas (review)
Olivia Beadsmore-Perry McGee interview
Dave Watson-Shelters hat last
Best in Bushcraft awards 2013
How to sleep warm


Ben and Lois Orford-Harvesting wood
Marcus Harrison-Summer skies, spicy sauces (F. Hen, B’dock, Sh. Purse, C’weed)
Lofty Wiseman-It never rains it pours
The Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs (Tristan Gooley) and Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen (Marcus Harrison) book reviews
Pablo-Natures calendar (May-June)
Boot camp (boot care)
Paul Kirtley-Finding a place to practice bushcraft skills
Ian Nairn-Budget arrows
Jason Ingamells-50 things everyone knew 50 years ago
Paul Donovan-Managing Snake Bites
Dave Delaney-Boreal on a budget
Meet Cody Lundin (interview)
Tim Gent-Coastal Canoeing
Perry McGee-Terrorism at Large
Lewis Herridge-The Spirit of Bushcraft
Paul Watson-Biolite Family Review
Tristan Gooley-Natural Navigation

Issues 1-25  hereissues 51-75  here and issues 76-100 (when reached) here.

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