Monday, 24 August 2015

Woodlife Trails 'wild camp' trail cam footage

Having had a successful nights of trail cam footage from this weekend I decided to add a few more shots to a separate page rather than the one or two I've used in the blog of said weekend.

This one has had arrows added to highlight what appears to be a small creature on the left, and maybe a fox on the right...

In the very next shot both have moved to the left from their position in the previous shot 

When I set the trail cam there was some bat activity and several images appear to have a random  'tracer round' bright image in them. I wondered if the squiggle in the bottom left was a bat and it's wing beats?

This fox hoovered up the peanut bait I set and whilst I have other footage of foxes making short work of them I'd hoped for a bit of badger action too! In the right hand side shot the fox looks at something which appears to be a fallow deer, one of which is just about visible on the right hand side of the picture.  

The fox sitting down with two deer visible. 

Two deer, one staring at the camera (they glow red when activated so I guess this catches their eye) and a smaller creature nearby.

Two deer and the bat?

Another fox appearance as the sky starts to lighten in the right hand side picture.

Pre dawn sees three fallow deer with one heading towards the scrub... 

Three deer then start to run (incidentally the wild camp base camp is at the other end of the ride they start running up). There appears to be a movement blur near the scrub, there is a picture on the corresponding wild camp review page that appears to show another small deer emerging from the scrubby area which may well be the blur)..

Dawn and one fallow deer.

This represents a portion of the wildlife shots I got of varying quality but I'd estimate that there were around 60 shots with something in, and it's only a short walk down a ride from where the camp was. There are a few additional shots on the camp review page.


  1. Austin I would agree with the Fox but I think the other is an insect of some sort in flight.

  2. Yes I did wonder that after I posted because as the 'thing' turns in the second pic I wondered if there should have been a second eye visible.