Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sit spot bag

Anyone go for a sit spot and get a numb bum at the wrong moment? Ever needed to sit down in the countryside after a short sharp shower? Ever yearned for a bit more bulk to your 'fleece pillow' whilst camping? ever needed a dry area whilst using a tarp and hammock system? Ever wished for a bit more rucksack padding? I've got a possible solution..

This is essentially an A4 zip lock bag which I've re-enforced the seams with gaffer tape (with a strip down the middle of both sides for good measure).


Into this goes a large piece of plastic sheeting (the more robust sort you can get in builder/ decorator shops). It takes up next to no room/ weight  at all in your kit bag and as you can see above it is deployed as a groundsheet under my tarp, so no need for boots on sticks etc. The bag is in the hammock stuffed with leaves with a fleece wrapped around it as a bulked out pillow. I don't stuff it too full just in case it causes the zip lock to fail, or come undone and issue leaves into my sleeping bag.

 The above left hand shot is of the bag in a small rucksack just before visiting a show. Whilst I can't remember specifics I had some awkward shaped bits to carry and the 'sit spot' between the items and my back worked a treat and it could have used to sit down if the need arose. As you can see in the above right hand picture, don't forget to clean out the leaves!

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