Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Pablo & JP 'Geocache' day

OK not really, they set up a small stand in Hatfield Forest on a geocaching day with a fairly loose and impromptu agenda. I was happy to catch up with JP and Pablo because due to a freak of dates, I haven't helped them once on a Woodlife Trails course so I turned up with my two boys to give them some X Box down time. 

If you know the Forest they were based in the first car park near 'geocache central' and visitors came from the moment the stand was set up.

Pablo started things off with some animal facts whilst JP had an extended rummage through his fire lighting bag for later. 

As JP approached a state of readiness they both chipped in as the crowd grew, and as the extended fire demo kicked off th crowd grew again (which was rather pleasing seeing as the main event was geocaching). You can see from the tarp that the wind was brisk to say the least, not a good condition for bow drilling.


But JP has done it once or twice before and got the all important flaming tinder bundle. And the day went on like this with both of them taking centre stage. I had to get my two back but it was good to catch up. Shame to waste all my pics so I've chucked them below!


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