Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ragsto Kelly kettle bag

A while ago I stripped a load of leather off my old three piece suite and harvested lots of usable stuff, and whilst I have several projects in mind, including another crack at these Joe O'Leary inspired moccasins I had more than I could use.

A Scouting magazine supplement  article featuring Ragsto

I mentioned at the end of the stripped leather blog page that I'd be sending a large quantity of leather to Ragsto, and getting a Kelly kettle bag made at the same time. I have to confess that I forgot it was all boxed up and have only just dispatched around four and half kilos of leather via the  folk at Parcelforce. I'd said that I'd do a blog about the bag when it arrived and requested some pictures of the before and after so there aren't any of my own on here.

My original kettle bag is really showing it's age so it needed replacing, and I've also got a piece of my sofa back! The Ragsto site has a bushcraft section.

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