Thursday, 30 April 2015

Jerky made using shop 'sauces'

I recently tried a couple of 'jerky' recipes (at my wife's request) and had a fair amount of the sauces left. I decided to try using them to make real jerky, well I say real jerky, I was using a dehydrator so it wouldn't be smoked.

These are the two sauces in question. As well as seeing how they performed I was also interested to see what jerky would be like without using sauces such as teryaki, soy or Worcester sauce which neither of these preparations contain, and whilst I was experimenting with them I also did some jerky with the afore mentioned teryaki, ginger and garlic jerky too.

As you can see the sauces are wet and gloopy, and as with other jerky mixes and ingredients The spent the night in a plastic bag in the fridge overnight. I cut out descriptive stickers to put on the side of the dehydrator trays so that I knew what was what when it was done.

I must say that the colour was good when done, but the jerky process seemed to heighten the heat of two sauces that where quite hot to start with  but it was nice to try jerky without the usual sauces in for a change. My favourite of the two was the Tropical sun one, with the open brand one being just a little too hot (probably due to it having 3% Scotch bonnet in it!). I will use the sauces again but I don't think anything beats soy or teryaki based marinades.

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