Saturday, 14 March 2015

Woodlife Trails taster day

With one course already delivered this year, Woodlife Trails held an 'open day' for the general public to swing by and get a taste of what's on offer.


With the posters up and the kettle on we sat around under the chute and waited for the general public to swing by. We had one guy who cycled for two hours to see what Woodlife Trails were all about but the morning was a bit slow to warm up visitor wise.

I volunteered to head off to the car park to direct some punters our way, but got delayed because Richard's slow risen Dutch oven bread was happening and is worth a small sub section of pictures... 


A liberal base covering of semolina in a hot Dutchie, followed by the slow risen dough in the centre. 


Just over twenty minutes later it was time to take it out...Only for it to have to sit to develop it's brioche coloured crust...Then we got to taste it and then I headed off to meet and greet.


I'd only been walking for about three minutes before I noticed a tarp flapping through the trees. I thought if individuals were playing around with this sort of kit that they'd be up for a visit to the camp...I was right. These two chaps had traveled from London with their families and said that they'd be over once they had all met up. I offered to take one over to show them the location and then return him to wait for the other family members which I did.

The two guys spoke with a foreign accent and I know he liked what he saw because he spoke in their mother tongue to his friend with wide eyes, moving hands and an animated tone. Their family had arrived from the car and as I walked they explained the camp to the kids because I heard them cheer. It was a good feeling and they stayed all afternoon trying stuff.


So up went their tarp with some instruction, spoons got carved, kit came out, conversations were had... 

I'd bought along a couple of bannock doughs (as I usually do) and knocked out a curried one (heavy on the cardamon seed) and mixed with natural yogurt which I'd planned to have with a pouched curry, and a more traditional one with sultanas in. I handed most of them around the team and the punters to have a try.


And more kit, technique and talk, and then more conversation and a quick coffee break...

Before JP got his bow drill set out for the waiting audience. A winner every time! I had a tarp and pole plus paracord in a bag to demo a tarp tent and let any visitors make a paracord something or other...Not really needed this time as there was plenty going on (no tracking walks needed either). Details of forthcoming course can be found on the Woodlife Trails website here. Several wild camps are held in conjunction with the National Trust and this was the weekend recommended to most of the visitors and can be found on the NT website.

And so that they don't go to waste, I've included a small gallery of unused shots below...




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