Sunday, 12 October 2014

Woodlife Trails immersion course Oct 2014

Woodlife Trails ran a fully booked up immersion course this weekend just gone at Hatfield Forest. In a nutshell it is a course designed to skill up clients how to and then actually to immerse themselves in their own little overnight viewing area to see what mother nature has in for them. I sensed that I was being watched as I walked in...

It was a soggy and misty Saturday night for the clients to head out but nevertheless there were some excellent and indeed closeup sightings offered up during the Sunday morning debrief in the parachute classroom.

Pablo and JP went around the circle and plotted their sightings onto a map, having been told how to record what they saw and it was interesting to see folk cross referencing sightings as Pablo explained the forest network of animals and birds talking to each other.

Sightings ranged from mice to badgers to deer sighted in a variety of locations. JP had been out on Saturday with his new air rifle (that's super duper air rifle actually) and cleanly popped a rabbit and squirrel. They were to be prepped with the diploma guys who were working on projects in a separate part of the forest, but due to popular punter demand he prepped them in front of them and had their attention throughout. I've seen rabbits prepped many times but this was a really in depth demo.

Arguably the best bits for me were the christening of my new pan which most of the Woodlife crew have, and the fact that the damp lifted in the Autumn sunshine and the 'chute came down dry...It's sometimes the little things...

More pictures here.

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