Friday, 17 October 2014

Out and about spice holder

I have to admit that I have what I call a bit of a 'lame game' palete in that I'm not sort of in tune with gamey flavours. Well I'm getting better but I still prefer stranger tastes with a sauce or flavouring.

This little device has served, and still serves me well although it's been used in a different role from that it's intended for. It was purchased from Boots and was in the holiday section for putting lotions and potions in. 

It works with each section being self contained with a thread top and bottom and a single lid. To get to a particular section you simply unscrew it so that it's showing, then screw the other section to the bottom. This spice on show is actually Bart's jerky mix and the others are medium curry powder, Shwartz seasonall, Ras-El-Hanout (A sort of Moroccan curry paste) and English mustard powder. I will wean myself off slowly!

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