Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Wild Man Of The Woods

I attended a Country Fair in Leyton today and, as always, one of the draws (for me at least) is The Wild Man of the Woods (TWMOTW). A multi skilled musician, singer and raconteur I first met him at the Woodland Ways' World Of Bushcraft shop opening. It was April 2012 and the invited guests were TWMOTW, Perry McGee, The Foragers, The Jerky Shack and a selected handful of ticket (and 'Willy Wonka' golden ticket) holders.

We made our way up the stairs to the centre we were met by a very vocal ballad from TWMOTW which stopped the crowd in it's track (and made me mentally cock my head to one side puppy style). I had several chats with him about..oh allsorts of naturey type things and enjoyed hearing what he had to say.

 (Picture from the World of Bushcraft opening)
Fast forward to last year, I found out about the Country fair in Leyton (which is at the end of the Lee valley park) and instantly I said to my family 'that's TWMOTWs!'...well you can't help but notice him I'd say. I introduced myself and had to wait until the end of our time there until my youngest would have his picture taken, TWMOTWs understood, it goes with the territory.

(Picture from 2012) 

I saw the show advertised on Facebook and we decided to make a day of it again. Again I introduced myself and after a quick look around the nearby nature reserve I bought him some small tree branches to add to his collection which he was doing ID stuff with (and yes I learnt something). 

Half way through the day I asked if he would like a tea and cake, even TWMOTWs stops for cake! He produced his own earthenware cup that a hobbit had given him (and I quote). it was nice to sit down and have a chat with him about allsorts (again).

Please, please do visit his Facebook page and like it! And if he is at an event near you I can't recommend you seeing him in action. (and his fledgling Youtube channel is here). Have a read about the country fair here.

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