Saturday, 28 September 2013

Leyton/ Lee Valley Country Show

There is an annual country fair in Leyton in London which I like to go to with the family and whilst the stands don't change much there is still plenty for the outdoor individual to like both in and around the actual show. There is a large green area and river close by (even a nature reserve) and we had a stroll around it seeing a host of wild flora and fauna in deepest London.

(Geulder Rose and Cat tail) 

There are several outdoorsy stands that catch the eye...

  ...bee (and bat) stands, raptors

...wood turning, willow (and corn dolly stands)

...otters, a smithy and various conservation groups.
But it's this chap that steals the show for me, The Wild Man of the Woods. As well as musical interludes and raconteuring and does the PA. More about him here

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