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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Mag Article List (issues 61-90)

I have all the Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine issues and it became harder and harder to find a specific article quickly. I therefore started out on a labour of love and listed the articles by issue on a Word  document and then on a bushcraft forum. Latterly I then switched to this 'blogified' version. I've divided the blogs up into 30 issues per page with The article reference blog page for issues 1-30  found here and issues 61-90 found here.

The main reason that I swapped from the forum to this blog was that once I uploaded updates onto the former  I couldn't alter previous ones and so errors etc stayed in place so I therefore have the luxury of tweaking the blog lists as and when a correction is needed.  If you spot an error etc do let me know please.

The article reference blog page for issues 1-30 can be found here and issues 61-90 here.


Issue 61

Ben & Lois Orford-How to make a Kydex Sheath
Ray Mears Q and A feature/ How to Tie and Evenk
Lofty Wiseman-Parting Shot
Jamie Dakota-Given the Forecast we Were Hopeful
Geoffrey Guy-Fur and Feather
Man in the Ice (Konrad Spindler) book review
Olivia Beadsmore-The Son of a Survival Expert (Perry McGee)
Craig Fordham and Dave Watson-Mastering the Bowdrill
Jason Ingamells-Have a go at Making Rawhide
Tim Gent-Of Mossies and Men
Grant Neale-Petromax Feature
Ian Nairn-Budget Pimped Tomahawk
My Year Without Matches Escaping the City in Search of the Wild (Claire Dunn) book review
Grant Neale-Head and Feet Kit Review
Paul Kirtley-Foraging for Early Greens
Olivia Beadsmore-The History, the Ritual, the Power and the Physics of a Fire Walk

Issue 62

Ben & Lois Orford-Grow Your Own (wood)
Bjorn Arnfred-Bow Hunting in Uganda
Grant Neale-Growing Risk of Limes Disease
Lofty Wiseman-Nothing as Frightening as Fear
Olivia Beadsmore and Snjezana Jojic-Recipes for Cough Medicines and More
Tim Gent-Keeping Things Dry Afloat
Dave Watson-Something for Everyone
Geoffrey Guy-If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Epic Survival (Matt Graham) book review
Grant Neale-'Camp Kit' Showcase
Jason Ingamells-Practical Uses for Rawhide
Ffyona Campbell-Spring Wildfood
Flint and Steel kit Showcase
The Ash Tree (Oliver Rackham) book review
Ian Nairn-Budget Tom Brown Tracker Knife
Grant Neale-Portable Stoves on the Go
Jon Ridgeon -Two Designs for a Home-Made Cherry Picker
Paul Donovan-Navigation, a Basic Skill

Issue 63

Ben & Lois Orford-How to Make Wooden Tongs
Naomi Walmsley-Bare Hands Cooking
Lofty Wiseman-Time
Dave Watson-Propeller Thingamajig (Whimmy Diddle)
Pablo-The Senses and Fieldcraft pt I
Tim Gent-A Very Long Walk
Ian Nairn-Budget Bike Tyre Sandals
Craig Fordham-Know Your Knots
Bushcraft, a Family Guide (John Bow and Owen Senior) and the Usborne Outdoor Book (Alice James, Emily Bone and Briony May Smith) book reviews
Jason Ingamells-The Ash Tree
Olivia Beadsmore-The Bushcraft Show 2016 Review
Ross Douglas-Designing my First Bushcraft Knife Showcase
Grant Neale-Sleep System Review
Giles Newman-Spoon Carving
Paul Kirtley-Kit Considerations

Issue 64

Ben & Lois Orford-Blade Show and Beyond (USA)
Noami Walmsley-Let There be Light
Lofty Wiseman-After the Show was Over
Tim Gent-Coranoe
Ian Nairn-Budget Insect Repellent
Dr. Sarita Robinson-Can Bushcraft Improve Health and Well-being?
Out on the Land-Bushcraft Skills From the Northern Forest (Ray Mears and Lars Falt) and Grand Adventures (Alistair Humphries) book reviews
Jason Ingamells-The Birch
Olivia Beadsmore-Will Lord, Flintknapper Extraordinaire 
Grant Neale-Gerber Showcase
Grant Neale-Outdoor Watch Showcase
Pablo-The Senses and Fieldcraft pt II
Dave Watson-Versatile Reedmace
Giles Newman-Carving a Flower Spoon
Nick Allen-From Online to Offgrid

Issue 65

Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Folding Bucksaw

Naomi Walmsley-Travelling Light
John 'Lofty' Wiseman-Writing a Book
Nick Allen-The Legend of Fire
Ian Nairn-Budget Hammock Quilt Blanket
Will Lord-Thriving not Surviving
Jason Ingamells-Common Hawthorn
David Thompson-The Man Behind the Leatherman
Coast Hunter (Fraser Christian), A Natural History of the Hedgerow (John Wright), Whittling Handbook (Peter Benson), Commando Dad: Mission Adventure (Neil Sinclair), Thirty Years in the Wilderness (Chris Yarrow), How to Read Water (Tristan Gooley), Good Food for Outdoor Adventures (Tanya Krezevska) and Survival Advantage (Andrew Lane) Book Reviews
Grant Neale-Bushcraft Christmas Gifts
Tim Gent-How we Stopped Moving
Pablo-The Senses and Fieldcraft pt III
Giles Newman-A Few of my Favourite Things
Ben Abbott-My Bushcraft Journey

Issue 66

Ben & Lois Orford-Antler Stash Pot

Naomi Walmsley-Waste not Want not
Lofty Wiseman-New Year's Resolutions
Survival Hacks-Creek Stewart Book Review
Dave Watson-Build a Mini Shelter
Norfolk Fire Poker Showcase
Will Lord-Getting to the Point of it (Stone Age Arrows)
Jason Ingamells-English Yew
Dave Canterbury-Ten Must Have Items for Food Gathering
It all Began in the Desert (Petrommax Feature)
Tim Gent-Building a Coracle
Grant Neale-Outdoor Footwear Review
Ian Nairn-Budget Hammock Underblanket
Richard Harpham-The Art of Journeying
Pablo-The Senses and Fieldcraft pt IV
Paul Kirtley-Ideas for Extending Your Bushcraft Year Into the Winter
Nick Allen-Burns Night for Bushcrafters
Ultimate Mapping for Kids (Justin Miles) book review
Ben Abbot-How to Make a Bow Drill

Issue 67

Ben & Lois Orford-Treevolution From Tree to Treen

Naomi Walmsley-Sit Spots and Sit Mats
Lofty Wiseman-The Will to Live
Cast Iron Cooking (Rachel Narins) & Paddles and Polar Bread (Dave Bliss) Book Reviews
Fraser Christian- Forest Fodder (A Feast of Late Winter Woodland Food)
Nick Allen-Make Your Own Ghillie Suit
Will Lord-Backpack of the Winter Hunter
Kevan Palmer-How Bushcraft can Improve your Health!
Dave Canterbury-Alternative Fire Methods
Hans von Oppersdorff-Open Country Stalking
Tim Gent-Using a Coracle
Richard Harpham-Dave Canterbury Interview 
Ian Nairn-Budget Soap
The Bushcraft Quiz
Richard Harpham-Developing Your Paddling Mojo
Paul Kirtley-Spring into your Bushcraft Year
Ben Abbott-Set up your own Tarp Shelter

Issue 68

Lofty Wiseman-Sleep

Naomi Walmsley-Natural First Aid
Fraser Christian-Making Your Home in the Wilds
Jason Ingamells-On the Trail of the Brown Bear
Letter of Hope
Real World SAS Survival Guide (Big Phil Campion) and A Tale of Trees (Derek Niemann) Book Reviews
Tim Gent-Cooking With a Reflector Oven
Olivia Beardsmore-An Interview With the Human Powered Adventurer (Richard Harpham)
Ian Nairn-Up the Creek Without a Telegraph Pole
Richard Harpham-Reducing Your Footprint
Ben & Lois Orford-Treevolution How to Make a Shrink Pot
Paul Kirtley-Top Ten Trees for Bushcraft and Survival
Ben Abbott-How to make a Canvas Stool

Issue 69

Ben Abbott-How to Make a Water Filtration System

Naomi Walmsley-Fish Skin Leather
Alex Drew-Birth of Trashtag
Primus Kamoto Open Fire Pit Product Showcase
Lofty Wiseman-Elf and Safety
Richard Harpham-Planning Tips for Longer Trips and Journeys
Jason Ingamells-Fire the Unknown
Kevin Richardson-Australian Snakes and Snake Bite First Aid
Fraser Christian-Seashore Risotto
The Long, Long Life of a Tree (Fiona Stafford) and The Nature Fix (Florence Williams Book Reviews
Tim Gent-Tackle, Tactics and Tide
 David Thompson-Morakniv Adventure 2017
Ian Nairn-Budget Wool Shirt
The Bushcraft Quiz
Dave Canterbury-Bark Baskets
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Wooden Parang Sheath
Geoffrey Guy-Building a Log Cabin
Richard Harpham-Exploring the Ancient Ridgeway Trail & Tuning Into the Solstice
Ben Abbott-How to Make a Catapult

Issue 70

Naomi Walmsley-The Art of Felting 

Top 10 Fire starters
Lofty Wiseman-After the Show was Over 
Paul Kirtley-10 Beverages to Try (Ground Ivy, Stinging Nettle, Water Mint, Scots Pine, Wild Rose, Brambles, Wood Sorrel, Yarrow, Elderberry, Meadowsweet)
Fraser Christian-Winter Food Preservation (Home Brew, Salting and Pickling Vegetables and Preserving Meat).
Olivia Beardsmore-Experiences from Women in the Wild
Richard Harpham-'Magic Waters' Iconic Canoe Trips
Tim Gent-The Practicality of  Hats
Ian Nairn- Budget Wool Trousers
The Bushcraft Quiz
The Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course Review (Fraser Christian)
Ben & Lois Orford-Restoring a Drawknife
Jenny Allen-Footcare
Colin Gibson-Make a 'Belgian style' Hexi Stove (squashed can stove)
Ben Abbot-How to Set up a Tarp with Some Useful Knots

Issue 71

Naomi Walmsley-Berry Merry Birthday (plus Sugar Doughnut and Toffee Apple Recipes)
Top Ten Sheltyers Using Natural Materials
Famous Last Words-Lofty Wiseman
Paul Kirtley-Ten Common Poisonous Plants you Should be Aware of
Fraser Christian-Fabricating a Recycled Recycling Stove! (tin barrel stove how to)
Judith Millidge-How to Own Your Own Woodland
Mark Hordon-Sharp Field Sharpening 
Tim Gent-Cooking With Fire Irons
Ian Nairn-Budget Mukluk Liners
Jason Ingamells-Cordage in the Wilderness
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Drawknife Sheath
Christmas Gift Guide
A Guide to Spoon Carving and the New Wood Culture (Barn the Spoon) Book Review
Ben Abbot-The Good Life

Issue 72

Paul Kirtley-Top Ten Ways to Boost your Bushcraft Skills Through 2018 

The Bushcraft Quiz
Natural Navigation Methods
A Breath of Fresh Air
Olivia Beardsmore-A Parley with Ed Stafford (includes my question)
Richard Dalton-DIY Hammocks and Tarps
Fraser Christian-Preserving Wild Woodland Game (How to Make Confit)
Richard Harpham-Celebrating Canadian Canoe Culture
Tim Gent-Sámi
Ian Nairn-Budget Pemmican
Jonas Taureck-Through the Gobi Desert
Ben & Lois Orford-Ulu style knife
Naomi Walmsley-Winter Salve Recipe
Ben Abbott-How to Make a Collapsible Hanger

Issue 73

Paul Kirtley-Essential Tree Identification for Early Spring

The Bushcraft Quiz
Natural Navigation Methods
Lofty Wiseman-The Weather
Tim Gent-Pitching a Tent of Difficult Ground
Olivia Beardsmore-Farewell
David Thompson-an Invitation to You All
Fraser Christian-Wild Primrose Champagne
Richard Harpham-Spring in Your Step
Mark Hordon-Sometimes it's OK to Have a Damn Good Strop
Ian Nairn-Budget Possibles Bag
Canadian Wilderness Survival (Bruce Zawalsky) Book Review
Peter Myler-The Pathfinder Basic Survival Class (Course Review)
Ben & Lois Orford-Carving a Canoe Yoke
Naomi Walmsley-'Aha Aho Tracks in the Snow' (and What is a Flour Trail?)
Campfire Cooking (Tim Gent) Book Review
Ben Abbot-Lamb Curry in a Dutch Oven

Issue 74

Paul Kirtley-12 Easy to Forage Seasonal Plants for May and June

Lofty Wiseman-A Fisherman's Tale
Tim Gent-Spotting Archaeology in the Wild
Fraser Christian-Summer Tonic Wild Water Keffir
Richard Harpham-The Inside Story of Wild Camping
Nick Allen-Earthy and Well Grounded (Barefoot Walking)
Danny Milne-An Australian Adventure
Ian Nairn-Budget Snow Sled
Have a go at Making 'Damper Bread Dogs'
Naomi Walmsley-Forest School Adventures (Writing of a Book)
Ben & Lois Orford-How to Make an Upcycled Adze
Mike Robinson-(Trueways) Basic to Advanced Woodland Survival Course Review
Feurhand-125 Years of Burning Passion
Ben Abbot-How to Make Charcloth

Issue 75

Paul Kirtley-Axe Choice for Bushcraft

Hans von Oppersdorff-Biltong
Lofty Wiseman-Fire
Charlie Porlock-Mindful Hunting
Petromax-German Sauerkraut Waffles
Tim Gent-Slovenia
Chris Lundgren-Cordial and Wine/ Champagne
Richard Harpham-Paddling Guide
Dr Sarita Robinson-Wandering for Wellbeing
Ian Nairn-Budget Knife Sharpening
The Bushcraft Show 2018 Review 
Ben & Lois Orford-Making an Adze Handle
Ben Abbot-What can Bushcraft do for you?
Naomi Walmsley-The Joys of Observing Nature

Issue 76

Tim Gent-Selecting a Wilderness Campsite 

Chris Lundgregran-Elderberry Sauce/ Ketchup (Pontack)
Ian Nairn-Budget Biscuits
Lofty Wiseman-Thumbs
Julian Knight-What is Lyme Disease?
Charlie Portlock-Observing Fallow Deer Rut
Woodcraft (John Rhyder) and Oak and Ash (Peter Fiennes) Book Reviews
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Leather Axe Collar
Simon Curran-Chocolate Orange Muffins
Paul Harvey-Bread Making in a Dutch Oven
Paul Kirtley-Ten of the Best Berries to Forage
David Thompson-Interview With Andrew Thomas-Price
David McCrae-Skelf (When a Wood's Not Good)
Ben Abbott-Hobo Stove

Issue 77

Tim Gent-Making a Fishing Handline
Chris Lundgregran-Sloe Wine
Christmas Gift Guide
Laura Bingham-Cycling Ireland at Eight Months Pregnant
Lofty Wiseman-Toe the Line
Extreme Wilderness Survival (Craig Caudill) and The Kindness of Strangers (Fearghal O'Nuallain) book reviews
Richard Harpham-Paddling Guide 2
Charlie Portlock-Personal Paradise
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Quiver
Naomi Walmsley-Ochre & Beeswax Crayons
Ed Stafford-Survival Psychology
Paul Kirtley-Fire-Lighting in the Cold, Dark Months
Ian Nairn-Budget Poppy Handbag
Olivia Beardsmore-Coastal Survival (Survival Being the Operative Word!)
Ben Abbot-Tinder

Obviously the magazine hasn't reached 90 issues yet but the blog page needed a title to align with the other two blog pages (issues 1-30 can be found here, and issues 31-60 can be viewed here).  When this issue is reached I will start a 91-120 blog page.

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