Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Pictorial View of Switzerland's Flora

I recently had an immensely enjoyable stay in Zermatt which is in the Swiss alps near the Matterhorn which was a work sabbatical marquee holiday. I had taken a laptop because I suspected that I'd need to keep on top of the photos I took, especially when it came to the flowers...Having just returned I am still some way short of finishing the sorting out, such was the amount of flowers to see.

I slipped up in that I didn't purchase a specific Alpine flower guide book before I went out and I retrospectively ordered one towards the end of my stay for me to start nailing the IDs on my return.

I will do a more in depth blog about the stay in an area where, rather refreshingly, folk have a respect for the land and are still in touch with some old traditions. I do however want to get some pictures out there of the flora  so I'm unashamedly doing a blog gallery. Some of them I have got an ID for of course but, as mentioned, some I am still working on and  probably for some time to come. 

There are some plants featured that I regularly see in the UK but I've included Yarrow for instance because it is much more pink to almost mauve than in the UK. I've started with the classic Edelweiss because I didn't actually get to go on a walk where I knew  could find it, but like Orange Hawkweed (which is featured) it appears in many gardens and window boxes so is included too. Finally, there are a few varieties which appear more than once due to their brilliance and beauty...Gentians being the main one.



















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