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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Mag Article List (issues 31-60)

I have all the Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine issues and it became harder and harder to find a specific article quickly. I therefore started out on a labour of love and listed the articles by issue on a Word  document and then on a bushcraft forum. Latterly I then switched to this 'blogified' version. I've divided the blogs up into 30 issues per page with The article reference blog page for issues 1-30  found here and issues 61-90 found here.

The main reason that I swapped from the forum to this blog was that once I uploaded updates onto the former  I couldn't alter previous ones and so errors etc stayed in place so I therefore have the luxury of tweaking the blog lists as and when I find an error. I've also  highlighting certain regular contributor names so that individual articles can be dug out.

I have run out of colour combinations so inevitably I've had to omit a few and indeed I've clumped some together eg Woodland Ways and the magazine contributors  due to multiple writers being involved.  This list is a one size fits all so some contributors may be on one blog page but not another and if you spot an error etc do let me know please.

The article reference blog page for issues 1-30 can be found here and issues 61-90 here.


Fergus Drennan-Working on Your Glutes (& Recipes)
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Work Horse
Pablo-Hare Today Gone Tomorrow
Emma Hampton-…Next to Godliness (Personal Hygiene)
Fraser Christian-Fishing With Gill Nets (& How to Make)
Ian Nairn-Budget Bush Shirt pt II
Ben McNutt-Words of Wisdom
Jason Ingamells-Make your own Leather Drinking Vessel (With Template)
About Best in Bushcraft 2010
The Wilderness Camp
Harry Hazeldean-Coastal foraging with David Bellamy OBE & Laver Bread Recipe
Dale Collett-Rattan Fire Thong
John Rhyder-Identifying the raw material (Tree id)
Perry McGee-Tracking Tales From Africa
Grant Neale-Which Cookset Does the Best English Breakfast? Review
Roundwood Timber Framing & The Little Book of Whittling Book Reviews
Annette Stickler-How do Wild Animals Heal Themselves?
Dave Craze-Ronnie’s Venison with Red Wine Stew & Damper Bread
More time (Watch Review pt II)
Tristan Gooley-Lichens


Fergus Drennan-The irrepressible Dandelion
Jason Ingamells-Make your own basket
Ben and Lois Orford-Making a bowl
Pablo-Feathering their nests
Ben McNutt-The haunts and feeding habits of fish
Emma Hampton-First aid essentials, what are you packing?
Dale Collett-Drying a wet fire by friction set
Zoe Todd-Ronnie’s run rabbit stew
Grant Neale-Mid layer bush shirt reviews
Ian Maxwell-Snakes unsprung
The trappers bible (DaleMartin), Hawke’s Green Beret survival manual/ handbook (Myke Hawke) ,SWC knife DVD reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget tarp reviews
Cath Harris-The Country Bumpkin
Annette Stickler-Life on the open road
Russell Bowles-Archie Grey Owl
Tristan Gooley-The shape of the land
NEC Outdoor Show stand review
Gerber/ Bear Grylls survival series
Fraser Christian-The beach oven
Harry Hazeldean-Hot smoking bag


Fergus Drennan-Wild and random (plant salts, sandhoppers etc)
Jason Ingamells-Carving a ladle
Ben and Lois Orford-Making a shaving horse
Pablo-Roe deer
Ben McNutt-Advanced weatherlore
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag pt I
Dale Collett-The multitrap 
Pablo-The trouble with ticks
Dave Craze-Slow roast venison tortillas
Emma Hampton-Get well soon
Ian Nairn-Machete review
Ian Maxwell-Trial by torture
The private life of Adders (Roger McPhail) and Run wild! Outdoor games and adventures (Fi Danks and Jo Schofield) book reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget dry bags
Steve Backshall interview
Annette Stickler-A personal insight into Native American crafts
Frasier Christian-Catching and cooking crabs
The Bushcraft Show 2011 roundup
Simon Ellar-Firesteel review
Harry Hazeldean-Carving a wood spirit
Tristan Gooley-The planets


Fergus Drennan-Seaweed, Hawthorn, Crab apple, Plantain, Plantain article
Ben and Lois Orford-Spatulas and spoons
Jason Ingamells-How to make a sling shot (catapult)
Pablo-‘Owt’ with the Owls
Ben McNutt-Throwing the right hook (lure making)
Dave Craze-Stout and fruit soda bread
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (ptII)
Dale Collett-The heat log
Emma Hampton-Natural first aid and improvisation 
Ian Nairn-Premium machete review
Simon Ellar-Lofty Wiseman interview
Duncan Clark-Survival instructor award
Mud, sweat and tears (Bear Grylls) and instant expert (Simon Ellar) book reviews
Ian Nairn-Budget fishing
Annette Stickler-A life as a Samburu woman
Frasier Christian-Shellfish
Grant Neale-Micro LED torch review
Olivia Beardsmore-Three generations in the woods (Wilderness Survival Skills)
Harry Hazeldean-Carving a (wooden) knife
Tristan Gooley-The animals


Jason Ingamells-Campfire furniture
Ben and Lois Orford-The Mocotaugan (crook knife)
Pablo-Taking note(s) of nature
Ben McNutt-Catch my drift (snow shelters)
Christmas bushcraft gifts
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (ptIII)
Dale Collett-The Lester spear
Fraser Christian-Water, water ,everywhere (solar still, distillation etc)
Ian Nairn-Machete review special edition
Grant Neale-Hand made knife review
Ian Nairn-Budget bushcraft wedding
Dave Craze-Dutch oven Christmas dinner and winter storage
Lofty Wiseman-Survival, a fight of the mind
Collins Gem-Stars (Ian Ridpath), The survival retreat (Ragner Benson) and The Dutch oven cookbook (Jason Ingamells and Kevan Palmer) book reviews
Perry McGee-Tracking, Survival and the use of glow sticks
Joe O’Leary-Info about getting permission to use land advice
Richard Lees-Cracking bracken
Simon Ellar-Coastal Survival course review
Annette Stickler-Reindeer are for life, not just for Christmas
Harry Hazeldean-Making a candle holder


Jason Ingamells-Ribbed framed basket
Joe O’Leary-Advanced long term shelter building (pt I)
Pablo-Urban Fox
Fergus Drennan-pull out four recipe card
Emma Hampton-Always take the weather with you
Russell S. Bowles-Tracking Tigers (Jim Corbett story)
Perry McGee-The many uses of an emergency bag (pt IV)
Scott Griffiths-Bushcraft croquet
Fraser Christian-Sea kayaking
Happy people-A year in Taiga, Mushrooming with confidence (Alexander Schweb) book and DVD review
Grant Neale-Pack axe review
Dave Craze-Squashed & Stuffed recipe
Simon Ellar/ Jason Ingamells-Sahara expedition (behind the scenes)
Nick Winder-Who are you going to call? (Mountain rescue article)
Lofty Wiseman-Hypothermia
Perry McGee-In my Fathers footsteps (Oman Wadi tracking)
Ben and Lois Orford-Make the most of your machete
Ian Nairn-Budget mitts and insoles
George Thompson-Magic of the wood (Norwegian woodworking)
Annette Stickler-Not just for women! (cycles)
Harry Hazeldean-Making a key ring


Kevan Palmer-Coil basketry
Joe O’Leary-Advanced long term shelter building (pt II)
Pablo-Seeing in the dark
Ben and Lois Orford-Bushcraft knife spring clean
Russell S. Bowles-Choosing binoculars
Dave Watson- The woodland recliner chair
Pablo-Bushcraft and the law. Pt I, knife law
Frasier Christian-Spear Fishing
Foraging Self Sufficiency (David Squire) & Moonlighting (Michael Brown) book reviews
Sharpening systems
Bear Grylls/ Gerber range review
Ian Nairn-Budget ice spikes
Lofty Wiseman-Handling a survival situation
Dave Craze-Dutch oven Wood Pigeon Pie
Perry McGee-Basic tracking in water
Annette Stickler-Life as an Iron Age woman
Harry Hazeldean-Making a mini canoe
Best in Bushcraft-About the winners
Dale Collett-Bow drill cord
Paul Wolferstein-Perry McGee tracking course review
Fergus Drennan-Sea Beet and Rapeseed sauerkraut 


Jason Ingamells-Making your own hook
Ben and Lois Orford-Modify your Mora pt I 
Joe O’Leary-Moccasin boot hybrids
The Stick book (Jo Schofield & Fi Danks), Big cats, Britain’s wild predators (Rick Minter), Eat the beach (Frasier Christian), Survivability of the common man (Dave Canterbury) book reviews
Pablo-Coniferous woodland
Ian Nairn-Budget fire irons
Dave Craze-Dutch oven belly breakfast
Frasier Christian-Making and using a fish trap
Ben and Lois Orford-bench stone review
Mark Hordon-Tinder...time for a new vocabulary
Pablo-Bushcraft and the law pt II, trespass
Lofty Wiseman-Jungle or the green Hell
Perry McGee-Uses of the stinging nettle
Grant Neale-Desert boot review
Ian Cresswell-Throwing arrows
George Thompson-A room with a view (bell tent)
Austin Lill-Paracord Knitting


Jason Ingamells-Carving a Welsh love spoon
Ben and Lois Orford-Modify your Mora pt II (sheath)
Joe O’Leary-Primitive packs
SAS guide to combat (Robert Stirling) & The Paras fitness flick book (Maj. Sam McGrath) reviews
Pablo-There’s a rat in me garden
The Bushcraft Show 2012
Frasier Christian-Making a raft
Grant Neale-Survival kit review
Simon Ellar-Interview with Survivorman
Woodland Olympics
Ian Nairn-Budget cargo kit
Perry McGee-Being prepared to track
Lofty Wiseman-Deserts
Ian Nairn Hammock review ptI
Frasier Christian-Improved fishing hooks


Simon Ellar-The biggest handmade axe in the world ever?
Ben and Lois Orford-How to get the best from your waterstone
Lofty Wiseman-Venomous snakes
Pablo-Lowland Heathland
Fergus Drennan-How to be a successful forager
Grant Neale-Bushcraft trouser review
Jason Ingamells-So you want to be a bushcraft instructor?
Dave Watson-Lime bast cordage
Ian Nairn-Budget fire lighters
Joe O’Leary-The survival tin that nature provides
Grant Neale-The 72 hour kit
Jonathon Ridgeon-How to weave a wicker basket
Ian Nairn-Hammock review ptII
Best in Bushcraft 2012
Perry McGee-Tracking Zebra
The second meadow (Archie Hill) and Abandoned-A novel of survival (Maj. Sam McGrath) book reviews
An Introduction to Paul Kirtley


Richard Lees-Forgotten food (Arum, Bracken, Marsh Woundwort, Grey Club Rush)
Ben and Lois Orford-Making and fitting an axe handle  
Lofty Wiseman-Crash management
Pablo-Winter Wildlife Wonderland
Paul Kirtley-Lean-To Surviving a winter’s night in the Northern forest
Warm coat review
Jason Ingamells-Making your own Birch tar
Ideas for a bushcrafty Christmas
Clarissa Dickson and Johnny Scott-Christmas Game (pheasant and venison)
Joe O’Leary-Making a hat for winter
Perry McGee-Surviving blizzard conditions in your car
Dan Puplett-Wolf and Lynx Tracking in Slovakia
Ian Nairn-Buckskin moccasin workshop (Joe O’Leary course)
Grant Neale-Handmade wooden catapult review
Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks Having fun with ice (ice sculptures etc)
Extreme Survivors (Jack Burgess) and The Outdoor Classroom (Hilary Harriman) Book Reviews


Richard Lees-Instant botany ptI (rush, sedge, grasses etc)
Ben and Lois Orford-Axe apps (different axes and uses)
Lofty Wiseman-From one extreme to another
Pablo-A visit to meadowland
Perry McGee-Emergency and rescue and tracking tips
Fi Bird-Carrot and clover cake,poached egg and nettle purée recipes
Andy Childs-Picture perfect ptII (camera control)
Jason Ingamells-Making your own kuksa cup
Grant Neale-Swag bag review
John Ridgeon-Birch bark tray
Into The Wild (Jon Krakuer) and the Wild Weather Book (Fi Danks and Jo Scholfield) book reviews
Paul Kirtley-Getting to grips with the hand drill
Tim Gent-Canoe camping, what to take
Ian Nairn-Budget (gas stove) Wind Shield


Richard Lees-Bows, the British and the Bowyer (ash bow making)
My magazine article reference letter and the Outdoor Adventure Manual news feature
Ben and Lois Orford-Sharp Thinking (stone alternatives for knife sharpening)
Lofty Wiseman-An amazing experience (Borneo)
Pablo-Tales of the riverbank (Water Voles)
Paul Kirtley-Five survival plants
Wendy Fox-Ticks:Vampires or a piece of natural jigsaw?
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt I-Cameras & equipment
Jason Ingamells-Make a birch bark container
Simon Ellar-Tipi or no tipi? (product review)
Olivia Beardsmore-Life changing expedition (Woodland Ways Massai trip)
Ian Nairn-Budget head over
Perry McGee-More top tracking games & exercises
Best in bushcraft awards 2012 results
Jo Schofield & Fi Danks-Making a rustic garden chair
The long walk (Slavomir Rawicz) & Primitive technology (Jack Burgess) book reviews


Richard Lees-Instant botany pt I (rush, sedge, grass, cattail, arum, orchid, lily, arrowhead)
Ben and Lois Orford-Axe apps
Lofty Wiseman-One extreme to another
Pablo-A visit to the meadowland
Perry McGee-Emergency and rescue tracking tips
Meet the wild couple (Mykel Hawke and Ruth England)
Fi Bird-Carrot & clover cake, poached egg & nettle puree recipes
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt II (camera control)
Jason Ingamells-Making a kuksa cup
Grant Neale –Swag bag reviews
Jon Ridgeon-A birch bark tray
Into the wild (Jan Krakauer) and The wild weather book (Fi Danks & Jo Schofield) book review
Paul Kirtley-Getting to grips with the hand drill
Tim Gent-Canoe camping-What to take
Ian Nairn-Budget wind shield (and crusader mug lid)


Richard Lees-Instant botany pt II (buttercup, birch, beech, willow, spurge, mint, aster & parsley family)
Ben & Lois Orford-A saw subject (different saw types & usage)
Lofty Wiseman-Introducing Dr. Wiseman
Greenwood crafts (Crowood press), Canoeing (Ray Goodwin), The Outdoor Manual (Haynes) book reviews
Pablo-A batty kind of mammal
Perry McGee-Tracking strategy Planning (TSP) Florida style
Ian Nairn-Budget knife (from a circular saw blade)
Fi Bird-The foragers kitchen (Honeysuckle & Sorrel sorbet)
Andy Childs-Picture perfect pt III-Building a picture
Jason Ingamells-A variety of cooking cranes
Paul Kirtley-Finding your way without map or compass
Ben & Lois Orford-Knives from around the world
Bushcraft show 2013 review
Austin Lill-Frontier Bushcraft 3 day course review
Tim Gent-Canoe camping-How to take it all
Fi Danks & Jo Schofield-Boats & rafts


Richard Lees-Medicinal molecular marvels
Ben & Lois Orford-Making a Motaugan Handle
Making a difference to the Massai (Woodland Ways)
Lofty Wiseman-meeting Old Friends
Pablo-Trail Cameras
Fi Bird-The Foragers Kitchen (Hazelnuts, Douglas Fir)
Ian Nairn-Budget Arm Protection
Andy Childs-Picture Perfect pt IV Creative Photography
Book Review Wild Swimming (Daniel Start), Wild Side-Devon, Cornwall the South West  (Daniel Start, Tania Pascoe & Joanna Keeling,  Children Learning Outside the Classroom: From Birth To Eleven (Sue Waite) and Forest School & Outdoor Learning in the Early Years (Sara Knight)
Paul Kirtley-Fantastic Feathersticks
Tim Gent-Canoe Foraging
Jason Ingamells-Making Your Own Atlatl
Perry McGee-Simple Steps To Basic Tracking (with powders and dust)
Fi Danks & Jo Schofield-Natures Pigments


Richard Lees-Healthy Hedgerows, Healthy Humans (self heal, bugle, ground ivy, wood avens, wood spurge, nettle, hedge woundwort ,cleavers, elderberries…
Jon Ridegon-Crook Knife Case Tutorial
Lofty Wiseman-Just Another Day
Pablo-Tracking of the Human (The mystery of the missing man)
Paul Kirtley-How To Live In A Heated Tent
Ian Nairn-Budget Leather Coin Purse
Jason Ingamells-Making Your Swiss Arrow
Pablo-Winter Wildlife
The Woodland Way (Ben Law) and My Outdoor Life (Ray Mears) Book Reviews
Tim Gent-Sapmi
Grant Neale-Hand-Held Torch Review
Ben & Lois Orford-How To Split Wood With a Knife
The Joy of Burning Wood (and burning guide)
Fi Danks and Jo Schofield-Wild Trails


Ben and Lois Orford-The essential knife guide
Fergus Drennan-Winter foraging (oysters, seaweed,sea buckthorn, fungus, wild garlic)
Geoff Allen-Inspired by a book…(Otzi)
Pablo-Nature’s calendar (January and February)
Lofty Wiseman-A rabbit too far
Paul Kirtley-A framework (applying your skills to a survival situation)
Ian Nairn-Budget leather water bottle
Jason Ingamells-Make your own grass mat
Tim Gent-Coldwater canoeing
Milbank bags to the rescue
Jon Ridegon-Ammo box stove
Perry McGee-Tracking orangutan in the rainforest
Grant Neale-How air guns can complement your skills
Best in Bushcraft award winners
Winter detectives (tracking)


Ben and Lois Orford-Make a mobile chopping block
Marcus Harrison-Spring shoots, superb soups (nettles, ramsons and recipes)
Simon Ellar-Wind, rain and fire (Kestrel ventile clothing review)
Lofty Wiseman-Apprenticeship
Pablo-Natures calendar (March and April)
Project Wild Thing-Meet the marketing director for nature
Paul Kirtley-Join the route to mastery
Ian Nairn-Budget leather backed book
Jason Ingamells-Making your own net
The Wild Life: A Year Living on Wild Food (John Lewis Stempel) and Wildwood Wisdom (Ellesworth Jaeger) book reviews
Tim Gent-Choosing a canoe
Jon Ridgeon-Making a large Mortar and Pestle
Simon Ellar-Stoves under canvas (review)
Olivia Beadsmore-Perry McGee interview
Dave Watson-Shelters hat last
Best in Bushcraft awards 2013
How to sleep warm


Ben and Lois Orford-Harvesting wood
Marcus Harrison-Summer skies, spicy sauces (F. Hen, B’dock, Sh. Purse, C’weed)
Lofty Wiseman-It never rains it pours
The Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs (Tristan Gooley) and Armageddon Cookbook and Doomsday Kitchen (Marcus Harrison) book reviews
Pablo-Natures calendar (May-June)
Boot camp (boot care)
Paul Kirtley-Finding a place to practice bushcraft skills
Ian Nairn-Budget arrows
Jason Ingamells-50 things everyone knew 50 years ago
Paul Donovan-Managing snake bites
Dave Delaney-Boreal on a budget
Meet Cody Lundin (interview)
Tim Gent-Coastal canoeing
Perry McGee-Terrorism at large
Lewis Herridge-The spirit of bushcraft
Paul Watson-Biolite family review
Tristan Gooley-Natural navigation


Ben and Lois Orford-How to set up a simple forge
Marcus Harrison-Foraging in the open fields reedmace, goosefoot, orache, bilberry)
Lofty Wiseman-Holidays
Swedish craving techniques (Wille Sundqvist) and The wild city book (Jo Schofield & Fi Dank) book reviews
Pablo-Natures calendar (July –August)
The Bushcraft Show review
Paul Kirtley-Planning an overseas wilderness journey
Paul Donovan-Avoid being bitten or stung (spiders and scorpions)
Jason Ingamells-make your own bush candles
Simon Ellar-A look at leather pouches (reviews)
Ian Storer-Every bushcrafter can draw!
Ian Nairn-Budget machete sheath
Tim Gent-canoe basics-Lifting & carrying
Sarah McLintic-(All female) Perry McGee tracking course
Qualification confusion
Nick Allen-Avoid being observed-pt I


Jason Ingamells-Extract colour from nature (and make a necklace)
Marcus Harrison-Autumn retreat (guilder rose, winter cress, lambs lettuce, acorn and chestnut)
Cook Wild: Year-Round Cooking on an Open Fire (Susanne Fischer-Rizzi) and Knife Use with Groups: Forest School Leader's Guide (Liz Knowles) book reviews
Pablo-Nature's Calendar (September-October)
Behind the lens with Laura Bombier
Paul Kirtley-Never stop learning:Pushing your comfort zone
Perry McGee-Making cordage from grass
Paul Donovan-Practical tips on what to do when confronted by a wild animal
Ben & Lois Orford-How to forge a simple stick tang knife blade
Lisa Fenton-Bushcraft and Aboriginal knowledge
Ian Nairn-Budget (paracord) survival bracelet 
Tim Gent-Canoe basics-basic kit
Lofty Wiseman-Keep to the path
Dale Collett-Etching your designs into your knife using salt water metal etching
Wet, wet, wet (waterproof jacket review)
Geoffrey Guy-Why use bushcraft in education?


Jon Ridgeon-Carve a 'Christmas bowl!
Geoffery Guy-Bushcraft babies
Create amazing Autumn leaf roses
Clarissa Dickinson and Johnny Scott-Christmas Fayre (partridges with chestnuts, Andalucian pigeons and Elizabethan rabbit)
Lofty Wiseman-Take the sting out of it
Perry McGee-Making a temporary bivvy bag
Ian Nairn-Budget Christmas gifts the kids can make
Paul Kirtley-10 bushcraft and survival skills to try this winter
Perry McGee-Heliograph distress signalling
Ben and Lois Orford-Making a stacked knife handle
Simon Ellar-Bushcraft tools of the trade! (various cutting tools)
Asa Hardy-Brownlie-A dream come true (3 month Woodland Ways work experience placement review)
Tim Gent-West is best
Lisa Fenton-The American frontiersmen
Simon Ellar-A love of tracking (Frontier Bushcraft's David Scott-Donelan course review)
True grit (Bear Grylls) and Bushcraft 101: A field guide to the art of wilderness survival (Dave Canterbury) book reviews

ISSUE 54 (Smaller page size)

Paul Kirtley-An emergency winter shelter
Geoffrey Guy-Can bushcraft save the planet?
Simon Ellar-Honorary members (FISSS conference)
Mark Williams-Know your carrots
Winter kit for survival
Ian Nairn-Budget trappers hat and toastie toes
Lofty Wiseman-Combat survival
Ben & Lois Orford-How to make a knife sheath
Joppe Rante-Bushcraft in Finland
Tim Gent-Working your canoe
Adam Logan-Building a woodland vice
Lisa Fenton-Bushcraft in the frontier
Pablo-Canidae family (foxes etc)
Judith Wright-Wildlife watching in Croatia
Elaine Gilboy-A beginners guide to preppers
Geoffery Guy-Follow a deer stalker
Practical preppers complete guide to disaster preparedness (Scott Hunt) and the herbalist's bible (Julie Bruton-Seal and Mathew Seal) book reviews


Ben and Lois Orford-Restoring an axe head
Mark Williams-Know your onions and lacto fermentation (crow garlic, ramsons and three cornered an babington's leek)
Lofty Wiseman-Pets I have owned
Ian Nairn-10 uses for plastic bottles
Grant Neale-Self reliance-water (review)
Joppe Ranta-The glow of the campfire (Loue shelter)
Marco Priori-Bushcraft in Italy
Tim Gent-Varied waters (Sweden)
Jason Ingamells-Build a Dakota fire hole
Dale Collett-make a handdrill without tools and flint
Pablo-Cervidae family (deer)
Steve Hart-The bug out bag
Lisa Fenton-/Survival, adventure, heroism and travel
Geoffrey Guy-Fireside reflections (bowdrill)
Canoe camping-Tim Gent book review

Issue 56

Ben and Lois Orford-Sharpening a convex knife
Mark Williams-Know your (wild) brassicas
Lofty Wiseman-Mind over matter
Gary Croad-An age old hunting tool (catapult)
Ian Nairn-Budget dump pouch
Grant Neale-Tastiest expedition meals
Simon Ellar-Les Hiddins interview
The Shepherd's Life (James Rebanks) book review
Tim Gent-Canoe basics, the maiden voyage
Paul Donovan-Using nature to find water
Simon Ellar-Tales from the jungle (Woodsmoke Borneo trip)
Geoffrey Guy-Bushcraft and the law (traps and snares)
Steve Hart-Why you should be a UK prepper
James Moore-Bushcraft medicine
Pablo-Leporidae family (hares and rabbits)
Bushcraft survival audiobook review

Issue 57

Ben and Lois Orford-The knifemaker's workshop
Mark Williams-Know your seaweeds
Jason Ingamells-Self feeding fires
Lofty Wiseman-My time in the jungle
The beach book-Fi Dank and Jo Schofield book review
Grant Neale-Water bottles
Geoff Allen-Otzi's possible pouch
Ian Nairn-Tubs 'n' tins
Tim Gent-Somewhere to call home, for a while
Paul Donovan-Mosquito bites
James Moore-Bushcraft medicine pt II 
Geoffrey Guy-In defence of back garden bushcraft
Steve Hart-Eat, drink and be merry
Pablo-Mustelidae family (badger, otter, mink, polecat, weasel and stoat)
Oxford handbook of expedition and wilderness book review

Issue 58

Ben and Lois Orford-How to Make a Full Tang Knife pt I
Mark Williams-Know Your Fungi Part I
Jason Ingamells-Versatile Cooking Fires
Lofty Wiseman-Writing The 'Book' 
Grant Neale-Multi Tool (review)
Olivia Beardsmore-Celebrating Dave Watson's 20 years in the business
Ian Nairn-Budget Hobo Stove
Paul Donovan-Power Packed Bug Tucker
Tim Gent-Canoe Basics-Coping With the Wind
Olivia Beardsmore-Meet the Organic Artist (Nick Neddo)
James Moore-Bushcraft medicine pt III
The Original Artist-Nick Neddo and Lost in the Jungle-Yossi Ghinsberg book review 
Geoffrey Guy-Bushcraft With Children (Knives)
Steve Hart-Planning a Bug Out Escape
Pablo-Muridae and Other Small Mammal Families

Issue 59

Ben and Lois Orford-How to Make a Full Tang Knife pt II

Paul Donovan-Camping Around Animals
Ian Nairn
Lofty Wiseman-Things That Get up my Nose
Grant Neale
101 Uses For Stinging Nettles (Piers Warren), Nettle Cookbook (Vivian Tuffney) and Seaweed in the Kitchen (Fiona Bird) book reviews
Mark Williams-Know Your Fungi Part II
Tim Gent
Jason Ingamells
James Moore-Bushcraft medicine pt IV
Christmas Gift Guide
Geoffrey Guy-Winter Bushcraft
Steve Hart-When the SHTF

Issue 60

Ben and Lois Orford-How to Make a Full Tang Knife pt III

Paul Donovan-Safety in the Bush
Lofty Wiseman-Care of the Body
Grant Neale-Winter Warmers (Upper Body Clothing) Review
The Hunter Gatherer Way (Ffyona campbell) book review
Jason Ingamells-10 Concepts to Advance Your Skills
Olivia Beardsmore and Austin Lill-10 Years of Magazine Contributors List
Ian Nairn-A Loyal Subscribers Journey
Tim Gent-Basic Canoe Sailing
Navid Bulbulija-Bushcraft in Bosnia
Ian Nairn-Budget Forging
The Man who Made Things out of Trees (Robert Penn) book review
Mickey Kulp-Smoothing it at the Wilderness Weekend Challenge
Geoffrey Guy-The Importance of Fun
Steve Hart-Preparing Your House for Disaster
Olivia Beardsmore-Build and Experience a Native American Indian Sweat Lodge

Issues 1-30  can be found here and issues 61-90  can be found here.

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