Sunday, 15 June 2014

Country walk hidden treasure.

Having decided to have a quick afternoon country walk (I'm as close to rurality as I am the town centre from my house) and I'm always scanning up down and side to side in an effort to make sure that I don't miss anything and maximise my walk, this does often have the effect of seeing me lag behind the rest of my family...This is a shot from a walk earlier in the day. Is it my fault I view the natural world like Neo from the Matrix?


The open eyed approach during the morning saw me capture some cracking shots, the best of which I've titled 'Damsel in distress', and alertness saw the afternoon walk paid tasty dividends! Only a ten to fifteen minute walk from my house I chanced upon a quick and highly prized grazing opportunity, wild strawberries.

They were in a really sunny aspect and after the recent sun we'd been blessed with, had seconds to live.


I also found a huge specimen (my biggest to date) and as you can see against the others in the above picture, it's a contender. The small one at the bottom of the picture is about the same size as those in the first strawberries-in-hand pic.

Using Jedi like control my wife and I left some but it made me think about how folk walk around with their eyes shut. These jewels were there for the eating and yet no one else had, and yet they stoos out like sore thumbs to me...Everyone else's loss. The other fruit that people seem to overlook is the raspberry as I'm sure they are viewed with a glimpse as an 'un-ripe blackberry'. I'm going to do a future blog page on the differences between blackberries and raspberries as soon as I have the photos available. Look and make the most of the countryside if you don 't already!

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