Thursday, 15 May 2014

Photos to spot nature

Here are three shots from when I've been out and about. The rocky shots are from a visit to Skomer Island off the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales, the other is from when I was out and about doing the pictures for this blog page

So what is the common theme that has seen me upload these seemingly random images? I'm probably no different to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors in that I'll always have a camera with me and also my current HTC phone has an 8 MP camera which isn't shabby by any means so I feel I'm prepared for when there's a shot to be had.The common theme that runs through these pictures is that they feature birds, can you see them without scrolling down further to the 'answers'? You are looking for a Treecreeper, a Short Eared Owl and Common Buzzards and I've listed them in order of ease.

So the reason for this blog post is that when out and about I often use the camera to highlight where something of interest is if others I'm with can't immediately see it. Let's take the two Skomer pictures first. As I walked the southern coast of the island with my family I saw a buzzard low over the rocks which appeared to drop down into a nest site. After a little bit of 'You see that rock over there...' I decided to take a couple of paces until the triangular rocky outcrop was level with the possible nest site, took a picture and successfully pointed the site out. The other picture was when we all went for a 'pit stop' before going to puffin spot whilst waiting for the boat back.

Whilst my sons and I waited outside a short eared alighted on the rocks by the loos and as we called my wife I decided to snap the owl position as it blended in perfectly with the rock and would probably only have been visible as it flew off. The Treecreeper shot was taken when this normally non stop little bird just stopped dead on the trunk, and being mainly brown it looked like a stump.



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