Sunday, 5 January 2014

Possum and Wool Hat From Woodlore

I've seen a lot written about  the Possum fur and wool and decided that I'd stump up the £20 that one needs to get one from Woodlore. There are four colours available and I want it to use it when out and about in the woods or countryside so I instantly dismissed navy and black (especially the former), so that left me with moss or ebony to choose from, and  after lots of umming and ahhing, I decided on the latter as it was a dark brown but could be used with black clothes too.

Guess who managed to add a navy one to his basket and duly order it? Yep, me. I was crushed to say the least and emailed Woodlore to see if they would take pity on this numpty...They do have a very fair numpty policy! I've reproduced the email reply that I got from Woodlore's  Merchandise & Media Manager Steven Bullen :-

Hi there Austin, Please simply make a note on the invoice which colour you would like to swap for, and we will take care of it for you. Please just send the item back to us at the address below, with a copy of your invoice:

Woodlore Ltd, PO Box 3, Etchingham, East Sussex, TN19 7ZE. Please simply make a note on the invoice which colour you would like to swap for, and we will take care of it for you. Best wishes,

Steven Bullen,
Merchandise & Media Manager,
Woodlore Limited.

Can't say fairer than that! Upon receiving the email I posted it back and received it within four days and as far as I'm concerned it isn't physically possible to do it any quicker, especially as we where will into the Christmas gift buying time. 

Right, onto the hat. The navy hat is navy, the ebony is a gorgeous brown, and the first tactile impression of it is how lovely and smooth it feels in the hand, in fact it almost feels like cashmere. It's made as a 'tube' in that the hat can pull inside out into a shape that is reminiscent of a deflated football. It is however easy to push into shape.

The Woodlore online shop has the facility to rate purchases and when I emailed Steven to thank him for the smooth exchange I said that I'd rate the hat but after I'd used it, too many product reviews say things like 'It feels nice and I think it will be really good'-Review it after use!

So the goods things I've heard and read about this hat got tested. It really is a low itch hat and it's worth putting a cheap one on afterwards to get a comparison, it is very warm and as someone who suffers from earache it alleviates this when rolled down over your ears (adjusting the deflated football design) and precious little wind gets through.

With the current weather it wasn't long before I got to test it in the rain...And I chose an hour in rain that made bubbles in the puddles as it fell. I can report that my hat was warm and dry during this period. All in all I'm really pleased with this purchase and can confirm that all the good things you may hear about this product are indeed genuinely good things.  

Information on the use of possum fur and it's benefits can be found here, the range of goods available from Noble Wilde can be found here.


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